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Monday, June 27, 2022

Pair of Huddersfield robbers jailed for throwing pensioner to floor and stealing her handbag

Huddersfield pair sentenced to five and six years in prison respectively for robbing a hair salon and pushing an elderly woman to the ground.

Two men from Kirklees were jailed today for robbing a hair salon and throwing a pensioner to the floor in 2018.

Today, Huddersfield pair Royston Thomas, 37, and 43-year-old Aaron Bonner were jailed in Bradford Crown Court for six years and five years respectively after they admitted robbery charges over a targeted attack on a hair salon Brighouse, Calderdale.

Prosecutor Clare Walsh told the court that the owner and two of her elderly clients had been in the Fresh Hair Salon on Bonegate Road when Mr Thomas and Mr Bonner bulldozed in.

Royston Thomas was jailed for six years.

One of the men grabbed the owner of the salon by the jumper and pulled her around as the pair demanded money.

When the 87-year-old customer tried to get to the door to get help she was flung onto the floor fracturing her hip.

During the robbery, the pair stole around £100 in cash as well as the elderly victim’s handbag.

After fleeing the scene in a car they were spotted by police in Huddersfield and arrested after they crashed the vehicle.

The court heard that when officers arrived at the hairdresser’s the owner was in great distress and the elderly woman was still on the floor “subdued and moaning in pain”.

The owner of the salon suffered bruising to her face and arms and in her victim personal statement, she said that she had run the salon for 30 years but was too afraid to be there on her own after the robbery.

She said she has closed the premises and now ran a mobile hairdressing business.

The son of the elderly woman who was thrown to the ground said she was independent and confident before she was robbed and her favourite time of the week was going to the hairdresser.

Aaron Bonner was given five years.

He said she was in the hospital for a while afterwards and then needed care at home. He also said she suffered repeated falls since the incident and has not been the same since.

Both men pleaded guilty to robbing the salon and the elderly customer.

Mr Thomas pleaded guilty to having heroin and crack cocaine on him when he was detained by police.

Mr Bonner also admitted possession of a small knife that he had on him when he was arrested.

The prosecutor said that  Mr Thomas went on to rob another elderly woman in March last year when she was walking along Bradford Road, Huddersfield.

He admitted during this robbery he had stolen her handbag and pushed his 76-year-old victim and left her pale and shaken.

The court heard that Mr Thomas had 44 previous convictions for more than 70 offences including robbery and burglary.

Mr Bonner had 14 previous convictions for 18 offences also including robbery and house burglary.

Mr Thomas’ barrister ubrey Sampson said he was unable to recall the robberies because his head was “messed up” at the time.

He acknowledged that Mr Thomas was taking drugs every day and did not care how he got money to feed his habit.

Mr Bonner’s barrister Jemima Stephenson said he was remorseful and disgusted with himself and had since turned his life around with the help of a very supportive partner.

She said he was a drug addict at the time, but he had subsequently got himself completely clean because he did not want to live that life anymore.

Recorder Jeremy Barnett said the salon robbery was “a particularly nasty offence” and the pair had targeted vulnerable people.

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