Bradford for Everyone is to launch a “People Library” to record unique and inspiring stories of kindness and resilience. During this worrying time, the Bradford bookshelf will show that in times of crisis the people of Bradford district demonstrate incredible resolve and humanity.

Over recent weeks we have witnessed great acts of kindness as individuals and communities come together to show their support for one another in a variety of ways.

From mutual aid groups popping up, generous food bank donations, neighbours supporting the vulnerable, to people giving their time to sew masks for others, we have been witnessing thousands of acts of kindness from the fantastic people that make up Bradford district’s community. The People Library wants to help to record and tell these important stories.

The People Library project – which is being delivered by Future Leaders programme volunteers on behalf of Bradford for Everyone – will spread hope and pride, whilst also encouraging others to do the same. It will provide reassurance to those who feel isolated that they are not alone and are supported.

The People Library will help us all to judge human ‘books’ by their characters and their actions rather than by their ‘covers’. It will become a proud memory and show the world what positivity and resilience look like i.e. Bradfordian!

The project wants to hear stories about how people are reaching out to those around them during this time, and are also interested in hearing from potential human books with stories to tell about successes in the face of adversity, about life journeys, overcoming barriers or anything else that might interest and inspire.

Councillor Abdul Jabar, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Neighbourhoods and Community Safety said:  “This is a great way to mark the truly inspirational stories from our district during these difficult times.  If you want to tell your story, please get in touch with our team.”

Stories can be published in written, audio or video format.

If you have an inspiring story to tell or want more information then get in touch via email at Once gathered, appropriate stories will be published within the People Library pages of the Bradford for Everyone website