Boxloads of food and drink are being given to those in need across Kirklees after officers made hundreds of donations for an annual Kirklees Police food bank collection.

Senior Huddersfield officers said they were delighted by the generosity of colleagues from across the district following a ‘fantastic’ response to what has now become a yearly charity drive.

Over recent weeks officers and staff from Kirklees Police have been collecting and donating items for the collection, resulting in seven boxloads of goods being collected at Huddersfield Police station.

Donations included basic essentials as well as Christmas foods and other festive fayres.

The collection built on the success of 2019’s food bank challenge for which officers decided to make charitable donations to foodbank charities instead of giving each other cards and gifts.

Inspector Graham Dyson of the Huddersfield NPT, said: “Each year officers from Kirklees pull together to donate items to local charities.

“This year has been really difficult for all and it was yet again fantastic to see all our colleagues wanting to do something for those who for whatever reason needed that little extra support.

“Kirklees District Police are part of the community. We understand how hard it can be for some, especially this year and at this time of year, and we wanted to show our support for all those voluntary groups who give so much at all times to help others.”

He added: “It has been a positive during the Covid pandemic that Kirklees has managed to ensure homeless people have been housed, but that doesn’t mean others aren’t in need of help and I would encourage anyone wanting to support those in need do so via one of the local charities or organisations.”