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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Race Equality Week ramps up in Bradford with events across the district

Race Equality Week ramps up with events and workshops across the district.

Race Equality Week (REW) is an annual UK-wide movement uniting thousands of organisations and individuals to address the barriers to race equality in the workplace.

The week runs from Monday, 7 February to Sunday, 13 February. REW unites employees, focuses on senior leaders, and unites organisations. It also encourages them to continue their activity and drive race equality all year long.

More than 2000 organisations took part in the first Race Equality Week in February 2021, building on their own race activity and/or accessing and implementing the solutions, tools, and resources the organisers of the week have co-created with those with lived experience.

Humma Nizami, project manager at REN has told us why REW is important for the people in Bradford.

The events of 2020, including the Black Lives Matter movement and the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on ethnic minority communities, has heightened public consciousness of race inequality.

There are several events occurring across the Bradford District organised by the charity Race Equality Network (REN), Yorkshire County Cricket Club, LEAP Bradford, and Mary Magdalene Church.

Humma Nizami, project manager at Race Equality Network (REN), said: “REW is a nationwide movement uniting thousands of organisations to address the barriers to race equality in the workplace.

“The theme this year is ‘Action Not Just Words’, we at REN have developed a series of talks called The More you Know, from local people offering a short and engaging history of their community within Bradford and the world.

“As an organisation, we are mindful that it is not the responsibility of minoritized communities to educate people on their experiences but to also give a platform to speak.”

Lord Kamlesh Patel is hosting an event tomorrow in partnership with YCCC and the AYA Foundation.

“Research shows that the more you know about a community and the more people you know from a community, the more likely it is that unconscious bias or hostile feelings towards a group is reduced.

The project manager added: “The sessions that we have organised will come with a suggested action at the end of it, for example, promoting cohesion, education, and equality as through learning, we all develop together.

“If race or racism isn’t something you think about often then REW is a good time to take that step and attend an event that will get you thinking.

“A huge part of achieving race equality is through education. So, we need those people in positions of power and leadership to understand the concept of privilege, representation, and prejudice. We hope events such as ours help facilitate that so that everyone will benefit from REW and take some sort of part in it.”

Race Equality Week events in Bradford:

Thursday, 10 February

Parks to Pavilions with Lord Kamlesh Patel from 12.30pm to 2pm.

Lord Kamlesh Patel – Chairman of Yorkshire County Cricket Club will be introducing the online screening of the documentary ‘Park to Pavilions’ about the Asian league cricket stories of players from Bradford, Leeds, and Dewsbury.

This will be followed by a Q&A with Lord Patel and three of the other cricketers featured in the documentary. Organised in partnership with YCCC and the AYA Foundation.

A voyage from Kashmir with Aamnah Rahman from 12pm to 1pm.

Aamnah Rahman, a research fellow from Born in Bradford, will provide a talk speaking on Kashmiri heritage, organised by Race Equality Network.

Friday, 11 February

Race: holding the space in arts and culture with Kevin Dalton-Johnson from 11am to 12.30pm

Keynote speaker Kevin Dalton-Johnson will be discussing race in arts and culture and its importance through his work at the Runnymede Trust.

He will be joined by 2 to 3 Bradford based arts/culture projects whose work is shaped by their race and cultural identity. This webinar was organised in partnership with LEAP Bradford.

Hisham Al Mahayni speaks on his experience as a Syrian Refugee from 11am to 12pm.

Hisham Al Mahayani is the owner and founder of Kunafa Tea Cafe & Restaurant. He will be speaking on his experience as a Syrian refugee and coming to Bradford. Organised by Race Equality Network.

Drop the mic: open mic poetry and spoken word with Sharat Hussain from 4pm to 6pm.

Hosted by Young people at the Mary Magdalene church project – on Race identity and belonging. This will be a face-to-face event that will also be streamed live.

Supported by Bradford 2025 and hosted by Sharat Hussain – Centre Manager – Mary Magdalene Church. For further details, please email Mr Hussain at sharathussain@yahoo.com.

Asian Standard has approached Bradford Council for a comment. Check back regularly for an update.


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