A health and wellness team based in Bradford are a group who offer services such as healthy eating and group sessions. They are a team of up to 11 people of all different backgrounds and ages, who have a positive outlook on life and aim to spread that message across the communities in Bradford and Kirklees.

The group comes together to help and motivate one another, to better their health and wellbeing.
Raw Angels, a newly founded team in Bradford focuses on two main things, fresh vegan food called microgreens, which are known as biogenic living food. They are baby plants that are edible from around 7-10 days.

The second thing the group participates in is grounding along with different types of exercises in their chosen location.
Jenette Mcfadzen, certified Life and Wellbeing coach, nutrition and weight management adviser said, “Our passion is to help people get back their health and energy and to educate and empower them to live a healthier, happier life.”

It is great to see a supportive group of people spreading positivity and showing ways to stay healthy and to have an overall healthier lifestyle.

Their latest location was in Oakwell and Country park, Kirklees where they begin their early morning routine with various exercises.
Anyone is welcome to join the group where you can participate in up to 90 minutes of exercise, including less than 15 minutes High Intensity Interval Training and how it works to burn fat and increase the body’s healing power by up to 400%.

Mcfadzen said, “We are a group of all diverse backgrounds. We meet up every morning to do our grounding, we do all types of training like Thai Chi, HIIT training, and long walks.”

Raw Angels group

“No matter what your fitness levels are. All ages welcome, from young to 84 years and over. Cannot make the canal, no problem, cannot walk well, no problem. Learn how to start with just 12 minutes High Intensity Interval training at home.”

Grounding is a fun physical activity where you are barefoot on the grass and you can do any type of exercise you wish to do.
Mcfadzen said: “We eat the amazing microgreen food, which is the future of nutrition, it’s electromagnetic frequency foods.”

Raw Angels are now branching out to different areas such as Kirklees to hold these sessions and are working with a diverse group of people and organisations like Circles of Life Women Together (COLWT), a women’s charity working with BAME women and families across Bradford and Leeds.

Raw angels group

To participate or to find more information about Raw Angels you can visit the link here https://www.facebook.com/rawangels