We are living in a time of deep anxiety, disruption, and fear. As chaos and uncertainty ensue lives the world over, there is an urgent need for heightened consciousness to embrace these unexpected challenges with new rigour.

In response to these unprecedented times, Swami Parthasarathy (Swamiji), the 93-year-old pre-eminent Indian philosopher and founder of the Vedanta Academy, the world resource for the study, research, and dissemination of the age-old Vedanta philosophy dedicated to the development of the human intellect, will appear in a global live lecture on the theme of ‘Personal Rehabilitation: From Concern to Composure’ at 2 pm on Sunday, 26 July 2020.

In this one-hour session, Swami Parthasarathy will bring his ancient wisdom and insights into a world that is in critical need of transformation, encouraging individuals to turn their attention within as they analyse their personality and assess the conditions impacting this. Swamiji will explain why human beings can achieve permanent peace and absolute prosperity, but how lacking the knowledge of “living” has denied individuals peace and success. This session aims to encourage individuals to drop their complacency, control their personality, and overcome the challenges of life, as they embrace the values of Vedanta.

The Vedanta philosophy was born thousands of years ago in the serene mountains and valleys of the Himalayas. A technique to meet the challenges faced in the world today, Vedanta essentially means ‘end of knowledge.’ It is a complete system of philosophy designed to help people achieve self-development by holistically improving their entire personality – the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. The essence of Vedanta lies in its systematic and scientific approach to finding happiness and can be applied in an individual’s home, work, and broader society at large.

Swami Parthasarathy is renowned for being the greatest living exponent of the Vedanta philosophy. With an academic background and connected in a lucrative shipping business at a young age, he renounced his career and lifestyle to dedicate himself to a life of discipline, study, research, and propagation of Vedanta. He has spent the last 60 years travelling the globe, presenting his thoughts and philosophy to help people find balance in their lives.

In a life of selfless service, Swamiji’s exceptional contribution has been the translation of subtle philosophical themes into a practical technique of living. This exercise has brought about mental solace and material prosperity in society.

Swamiji has cemented his role as an icon who helps inspire and change the lives of many through his best-selling writing, discourses, and corporate seminars, which, over the last six decades across the globe, have been attended and widely acclaimed by several influential figures. He was also invited to address esteemed audiences of some of the most recognised and established organisations, including Microsoft, Harvard University, and the World Economic Forum.

Swami Parthasarathy will appear in the global live lecture titled ‘Personal Rehabilitation: From Concern to Composure’ at 2 pm on Sunday 26 July 2020. To attend the complimentary virtual seminar, please complete the registration form by clicking this link.