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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Luke Patel

Celebrated litigation maestro, Luke Patel, bolsters stellar team at Blacks Solicitors to meet soaring demand

Award winning law firm Blacks Solicitors has announced the expansion of its Commercial Dispute Resolution (CDR) team, with the addition of three solicitors, Alannah...

COLUMN: Failing To Beat The System

The High Court has rejected an attempt by a firm of solicitors to issue multiple claims on a single Claim Form.In the case of...

COLUMN: Beware Of What You Tweet

According to Statista there are 57.6 million active social media users in the UK, as of February 2022, meaning 84.3 percent of the UK...

Top Leeds lawyer explains what the suitability policy means for taxi drivers in West Yorkshire

‘Suitability and Conviction’ policy that councils across the region have introduced.The policy determines the suitability of applications and licences as drivers in the taxi...

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