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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Ex-leader calls for combined authority ‘reboot’ and says councillors have been treated as ‘second class’

A former local authority leader has criticised the treatment of councillors at Ben Houchen’s Tees Valley Combined Authority (TVCA) as “second class”.Sue Jeffrey led...

Overcoming corruption concerns: Teesworks project commits to thorough overhaul and governance review

The finance director overseeing the Teesworks industrial project has pledged a “thorough, comprehensive job” in tackling the numerous recommendations contained in an independent report...

£20 Million revitalization initiative breathes new life into Middlesbrough: House of Fraser building set to become vibrant cultural hub

Middlesbrough’s landmark House of Fraser building will be transformed as part of a £20m investment programme to revitalise the town.Middlesbrough Council was identified in...

An independent inquiry clears Teeswork’s development of corruption allegations

An independent inquiry has found no evidence to support allegations of corruption or illegality linked to the finances at the controversial Teesworks development.The review...

Legal action launched against body that licensed Teesworks dredging

A firm has launched legal action against the licensing body which signed off the Teesworks dredging.The marine management organisation (MMO) confirmed it had received...

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