It’s been a long road, but restrictions are finally being lifted. As if on cue in many parts of the country the sun has come out. However, authorities are reminding people that if they do meet up with people, they should do it outside.

One in three people with COVID 19 have no symptoms. It’s possible to carry and spread the disease without ever knowing it. However, your risks of doing so rise exponentially if you’re in an enclosed space. Most spikes have been caused by large numbers of people meeting inside rather than in the open air.

To demonstrate the difference the Cabinet has released this handy information film. Presented by Doctor Hillary Jones, the video shows how people can release particles into the air by coughing, talking or breathing.

“The closer you are the greater the risk of breathing in infected particles,” says Hillary. “Letting in fresh air by opening a window can help disburse COVID particles. However outdoors the risk of infection is significantly lower. Fresh air dilutes the particles and blows them away.”

It’s also easier to maintain social distancing outside. While gathering in large groups outside will carry a risk it is much lower than inside. So, if you are meeting people outside your bubble, remember the watchwords: hands, face, space… and fresh air.