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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Talented Beckfoot Allerton primary school pupil raises £140 through selling paintings for refugee families

A ten-year-old boy from Allerton has raised £140 for refugee families in the district by selling his original artwork.

A ten-year-old pupil from Beckfoot Allerton Primary School and nursery has raised £140 to buy much-needed food and toiletry items for refugee families in the district.

Year 5 student, Muhammad Raja Nayel, who goes by Nayel, raised the money by selling drawings of beloved Marvel heroes and videogame characters to his friends and family last month.

He sold his sketches for just £1 but some of his generous aunties gave him between five and ten pounds for his creations.

Nayel raised £140 to buy food and toiletry items for refugee families in the district.

His teacher, Ashley Kersley, says the young boy has a “huge amount of talent” and is “one to look out for in the future.”

The idea to raise money for the families came from when he was doing homework for his class on refugees.

He realised that he could use his talent and passion for art to help others in need and decided to ask his teacher about photocopying his original sketches so he could sell more of his drawings.

His goal was a modest £50 but he managed to raise almost triple the initial amount, raising £140 in total.

Nayel, said: “I raised over £140. It all started when I was doing some homework for school, and I came up with a great idea to use my art skills to sell drawings to raise money for refugees. My goal was £50 but I raised over £140.

“Some of my aunties gave me five or ten pounds for the drawings. I drew about thirteen or fourteen drawings and then Mr Kersley photocopied them for me to sell. I drew characters from my favourite superhero films and video games.”

Nayel’s favourite subject in school is art. When at home and not doing his homework or drawing, he likes to watch films and play video games. He is into both Marvel and DC superheroes but prefers Marvel because they have “better superheroes.”

After he raised the money, he took to the shops to buy groceries including dry and long-lasting food and toiletry items that was given to four families across the district.

He added: “I felt really happy when I raised all the money because I really like helping charity and I realised what refugees have been going through. I went with my parents to different shops to buy food and toiletries food for four different families.”

Nayel, who is the oldest of four and has two brothers and one sister, wants to be an architect and charity volunteer when he grows up

His teacher, Mr Kersley, is enormously proud of his bright and ambitious student. He said: “It felt amazing when I found out what Nayel wanted to do. One of our school’s core values is to be a committed community contributor.

“Nayel was inspired all by himself to raise money for the refugees after he learned about them in lesson and wanted to make a difference. He is entrepreneurial and used one of his talents to help an element of the community.

“Nayel has a huge amount of talent and is definitely one to look out for in the future.”

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