A new and exciting programme has launched for young people to gain leadership skills and become Covid public advocates.

The programme which is being led by Noreen Khan, Director of Neesie is looking to recruit young BAME individuals from across Bradford and District aged between 18-24, who will work closely with health professionals and communities promoting real-life stories and document lived experiences through Covid-19.

It’s an exciting opportunity which looks to give young people a chance to work in collaboration with the Bradford community, embedding knowledge and strengthening youth leadership on a poignant topic not just from Bradford, but potentially the UK and worldwide.

Opportunities for young people to become Covid-19 public advocates

The organisers of the programme believe with the talent and knowledgeable of young people they can be one of the main people to challenge misconceptions of Covid-19, helping the community, giving people advice and earning the title of a Covid-19 public advocate.

Noreen Khan, Facilitator for Covid-19 Lead and Director of Neesie, said, “This is a fantastic opportunity for the youth of Bradford to bring together a compelling programme of learning to our policymakers.

“Young people will be equipped to help fight some of these misconceptions and conspiracies of Covid-19 at a more strategic and Government level.

“Through this programme, we endeavour to bring compelling evidence-based research on the disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on BAME communities and how best the Government and Public Health can adapt to support and save our communities”.

There has been much confusion, particularly with fake news surfacing around Covid-19 and as the virus has impacted on everyone’s’ life, Noreen believes that giving young people a voice will be the key to help challenge the myths that exists in the community about Covid-19.

Speaking from experience, Mr Mohammed Dilpazir, Vice Chair of Neesie and Director of Little Hearts Private Day Care Nursery’s, has heard of the direct impacts of Covid-19 upon families; “This pandemic has highlighted many of the injustices that are faced by BAME communities, including health inequalities. We have witnessed many loved ones depart from this world after suffering from Covid-19. I hope that through this programme we can gain meaningful education, research and learning”.

For more information please visit Twitter @covid_lead or call Noreen on 07703 385 301 or email info.covidlead@gmail.com