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Monday, June 27, 2022

Volunteers from Bradford Moor PASS attend Buckingham Palace garden party

Two volunteers from Bradford Moor PASS attended the Queen’s Buckingham Palace garden party yesterday.

Members of a voluntary organisation in Bradford attended the Queen’s Buckingham Palace garden party yesterday.

Every year, the Queen hosts a series of garden parties inviting 30,000 people a year to join her on the royal lawn.

Due to the Queen’s mobility issues, she will not be hosting any of the parties this year, but senior royals will be standing in.

Amjid Hussain and Yaseen Mohammed attended the Queen’s Buckingham Palace garden party yesterday.

Yesterday, the second garden party of the year took place at Buckingham Palace with Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, stepping in as hosts, along with Kate Middleton and the Queen’s cousin, Princess Alexandra.

Among those invited were Amjid Hussain and Yaseen Mohammed on behalf of Bradford Moor Play and Support Services (PASS) which was awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service last year.

The award was given to the organisation for engaging and empowering marginalised members of the community with educational, recreational and support services since 2007.

Bradford Moor PASS received two invites and selected Mr Hussain and Mr Mohammed to represent them in London.

Mr Hussain, who is the project lead at ULTD, has been involved with the organisation from the very start when it was informally set up in 2007 and became a director of the group in 2011 when it was registered officially.

Mr Hussain, said: “We were invited to the Buckingham Palace garden party after being given the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services last year. My colleague, Yaseen Mohammed and I went down yesterday.

They were invited after Bradford Moor PASS were given the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services last year.

“It was a fantastic experience. All the people invited were being recognised for doing lots of different things. We bumped into people who also received the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Services and people who were recognised in individual honours. We had fantastic weather and Prince Edward, the Earl of Essex, Princess Sophie, and the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, were there.

“The whole experience was just superb; we were very honoured to be there. It was a pleasure to be among such great company.”

Mr Mohammed who has volunteered at Bradford Moor Pass for around ten years, said: “It was a great opportunity for myself and Amjid to represent Bradford Moor PASS. Not only were we there representing ourselves but for all the volunteers who have done some incredible work over the years. We’ve been together for around 15 years, so we have many volunteers who are a part of the wider team.

“We were invited to the garden party for our work during the pandemic. In a nutshell, we were extremely pleased to have the opportunity to meet some amazing people at Buckingham Palace. It was fantastic to be able to meet community groups and other volunteers who do amazing work around the country.”

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