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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

West Yorkshire MP Imran Ahmad Khan sexually assaulted teen boy at party, court hears

The suspended MP denies the accusations "in the strongest terms".

A West Yorkshire MP is currently on trial for allegedly sexually assaulting a teenage boy in the West Midlands in 2008.

A court heard today how MP for Wakefield (Cons), Imran Ahmad Khan, asked an 18-year-old if he was “a true Scotsman” and lifted his kilt, before sexually assaulting the teenager’s younger brother in a bunkbed.

Wakefield Tory MP Imran Ahmad Khan went on trial today for allegedly sexually assaulting a boy in 2008.

The incident is said to have occurred at a house party in Staffordshire fourteen years ago.  Mr Khan has previously said he denies the accusation “in the strongest terms” and has pleaded not guilty.

Mr Khan was elected as the Conservative MP for Wakefield in 2019, becoming the first Tory MP in the constituency in 89 years.

In response to the charge, the Conservative Party suspended the whip pending the outcome of the prosecution.

Prosecutor Sean Larkin QC told a jury at Southwark Crown Court on the first day of his trial that the 18-year-old had been attending the party in a kilt when the defendant approached him and asked if he was wearing it like “a true Scotsman”.

The prosecutor then said Mr Khan “lifted up the kilt with both hands and lunged at him so that he thought he was going to grab him.”

The teenager pushed down his kilt and said although he had experience of others trying to lift it, the incident “felt very different”, the jury heard.

Mr Larkin said the man’s 15-year-old brother was in bed on the top bunk and could hear Khan’s “breathing was getting quite heavy”.

“When (the complainant) went to bed, Mr Khan stood by that top bunk, reached in and touched his legs, reaching for, or actually touching, his groin.

“We suggest either way it was sexual assault. He pushed him away but he kept going and when it would not stop he fled.”

The complainant, who cannot be identified as he was a minor at the time, was “distraught” when he reached his parents, the prosecutor added.

Officers were called and the incident was reported by the boy, with him telling officers the defendant had asked him to “show me some porn” and told him he was a “good-looking boy”.

The boy did not pursue the case at the time, but later went back to the police when he discovered Mr Khan was standing as an MP, Mr Larkin said.

Due to the pandemic, Mr Khan was not interviewed by police but was sent a list of questions.

“In summary, he denied any sexual assault had taken place,” Mr Larkin said.

Mr Khan said the boy had asked him about “sexuality” before he “became distressed and left”, and the only time he had touched him was on his elbow after he had left the bed.

The trial continues.

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