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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

West Yorkshire Police launch first women’s group in Bradford

The group aims to "create real change" in Bradford for women and girls.

Women in Bradford are being given the chance to provide their thoughts and feedback to the Police as part of the Bradford District Women’s Voices Group.

The group aims to be a voice for women who live or work in the area. It hopes to improve relationships with the Police and address issues for women such as violence against women, sexual exploitation, and gender discrimination.

Bradford District Women’s Voices Group.

The first meeting of the Bradford District Women’s Voices Group took place on 10 March at Trafalgar House.

Interim Chair of the Bradford Women’s Voices Group, Detective Superintendent Tanya Wilkins said: “This is a first for Bradford District Police to have an independent advisory group focusing on the views and thoughts of women living in the City.

“It was great to hear women speak so passionately about Bradford District.

“This group will help feed into our Violence Against Women and Girls strategy as it’s important to hear from these communities and what they think the Police need to do for them to be safe and feel safe in the City.

“I look forward to future meetings and hope that it will make a huge difference and be a positive thing for women and girls across the area.”

Sergeant Jas Rayatt Women’s & Girls Engagement Officer at Bradford District said: “I am grateful for all those who have agreed to be part of this inaugural group which has the capacity to create real change on how women are listened to in the Bradford District.

“This group is for women, by women and I am proud to have been able to bring these women together to address areas that need improvement to create a city that feels safer for women and girls. This is about having honest conversations leading to real change.”


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