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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

24-year-old opens dessert shop in memory of father’s legacy in Huddersfield

Over the years, the sweet tooth in people has been on an increase. Whether it’s grabbing some doughnuts after work or getting that strawberry milkshake you just can’t resist. One thing we can all admit is that the rise of dessert parlours has increased.

Yes, we all know that money makes the world go round but so does a lovely story. Not every dessert shop has a story behind it until we spoke to Manan Waqas. The 24-year-old businessman who opened his shop called Dodo Bites on blacker road in Huddersfield in the memory of his beloved father who sadly passed away last year.

The Huddersfield born and bred individual who lives in Birkby, before opening his dessert parlour, along with his father managed a successful takeaway known as Grillish, in the town centre of Huddersfield. After being at Grillish for many years, Manan and his father packed in the fast-food business to seek another venture.

Sadly, before things could come to fruition Manan’s father passed away in hospital.

The shop itself opened when the pandemic struck us over 19 months ago. Despite the pandemic causing many closures in stores, Manan knew his new investment would bring smiles to the people within his area with Covid destructing so many of our lives.

Manan expresses, “I think one thing I really wanted to do was open up a dessert shop with my Dad. It was something we always talked about for quite some time but sadly we never got round to it”. He further adds, “I know my Dad loved his sweet stuff and it was amazing growing up with such a positive person who gave me and my siblings nothing but love”.

“I wanted to open this shop because my Dad meant the world to me. I know this shop is something he would have loved to see and I’m proud I got to open it. Even if he’s not here, I know without him and the stuff he taught me I would have not been able to open this successful shop”.

Finally, Manan admits, ‘This whole Covid situation was tough at first because people were scared in ordering, but it picked up and I think it worked because I wanted to bring something which would bring smiles to people. Giving something sweet to someone is a token of love and appreciation and that’s what I wanted to do’.

Homer Simpson and family pictured behind some lovely milkshakes

For this reason and for the legacy of his Father, Manan opened Dodo Bites. Dodo bites has a very extraordinary look compared to other dessert shops.

The moment you walk in, the vibrant pink colour and the inspiration from the world-renowned Simpsons cartoon allows customers to see the inspiration Manan got from the series to make his shop look similar with a large canvas of Homer Simpson and family on the left side of the wall when walking in.



The menu is quite diverse from providing doughnuts, milkshakes, waffle sticks, milk-cakes and one that others might not have seen before which is churros.

Dodo bites is opened 7 days a week but hurry as their milkshakes go really fast!

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