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Thursday, December 7, 2023

2am licence refused

A Leeds Road restaurant won’t be able to extend its opening hours to 2am after concerns were raised the changes could disrupt the lives of nearby residents.

Space-themed restaurant Moons opened its doors late last year and is licenced to open until 11pm.

The business recently applied to extend this licence so it could serve food until 2am.

But at a meeting of Bradford Council’s Licensing Panel on Thursday, members voted to refuse this late opening.

Their decision came after a Council Environmental Health officer told members there were two sheltered housing units within a short distance of the restaurant, and a 2am opening time could stretch the patience of people living there.

Environmental Health had objected to the plans, saying the late opening would likely lead to a flurry of complaints relating to the noises linked to a late-night food business, from slamming car doors to raised voices.

Nobody from Moons attended the meeting. Officers phoned applicant Naheem Iqbal before the meeting started to see if he was attending, but he told them he was in Birmingham, and had not realised the hearing was that day.

The meeting went ahead in his absence.

Environmental Health officer Charlotte Caygill told members that it had recently been discovered the business had been operating without the correct food licence when it opened.

Mrs Caygill said: “This is one reason we lack confidence that the people behind this application are experienced enough to control any nuisance a late opening would create.

“The issue is sorted now, but it does make me question everything else about this application.”

She told members parking was already an issue in the area, adding: “It will exacerbate the situation if this premises opens until 2am.

“I don’t think this will be of benefit to the local residents. The neighbouring homes are sheltered accommodation, where you would expect older people to be living. These are not the types of people who will be getting takeaway at that time of the night.

“There is not enough information about how the applicants intend to run the business after 11pm. There is currently litter in the street, and bins strewn everywhere. I’d like these issues to be addressed if you decide to approve this licence.”

She said there were no other businesses in that area open that late.

When members pointed out that Leeds Road was already a busy area, Mrs Caygill said: “Yes, but residents can expect it to calm down after 11pm. I think people will put up with the situation to a certain degree, but if this business was open later I think we’d start to get complaints.”

She pointed out that the planning application for the business required it to shut by 11pm. Even if a later licence was approved, the restaurant would not be able to serve food after 11pm unless an application to amend this was approved.

Members voted to refuse the later licence.

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