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Thursday, November 30, 2023

A film set in Jerusalem during The Night of Power to play in Bradford cinema this weekend

A new documentary film set in Jerusalem during the Islamic calendar's holiest night is set to show in Bradford over the weekend. 

A new documentary film set in Jerusalem during the Islamic calendar’s holiest night is to play in Bradford over the weekend.

Following the premiere of the One Night in Al Aqsa film in Wembley, North London on 18 February, the film is going on a UK-wide tour across eight cities including Bradford.

The film will be shown at Cineworld, Bradford Leisure Exchange, on Sunday 27 February, at 7pm.

The documentary film shares the profound story of the Al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem, during the Islamic calendar’s holiest night, Laylatul Qadr – The Night of Power.

On this night, the first verses of The Holy Quran were revealed to the Prophet Mohammed which Muslims around the world honour in night prayers.

The film will also be shown in London, Luton, Birmingham, Leicester, Bolton, Blackburn, Manchester. All the funds from this tour go towards Penny Appeal’s Love Palestine to provide health care, food, and other vital aid to our Palestinian sisters and brothers in their hour of greatest need.

The film covers the religious institutions of Jerusalem, with important structures such as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Western Wall featured in the documentary.

It shows why this holy site is also revered by Christian and Jewish faiths. The focus of the film is on the Muslim beliefs around Al Aqsa, this is compared and contrasted with the Christian and Jewish points of view from a theological angle.

Acclaimed London-based director of “One Day in The Haram” Abrar Hussain, offers a compelling look at Al-Aqsa through the eyes of those who live and work in the third holiest site in Islam. Unique 4K footage and unrestricted access to the Al Aqsa compound provide insight into the Dome of the Rock and the Qibli Mosque.

Abrar Hussain says: “It’s been a great honour to direct this film, and also a huge responsibility. I believe films are one of the catalysts that can open up new discussions and viewpoints.

“I want this film to operate in the space that comes just before change. I hope to show the world a side of Islam that’s not been seen before, and add something positive to the understanding of this most significant historical institution”.

Penny Appeal Founder, Adeem Younis added: “It’s a privilege to partner up with the makers of the One Night In Al Aqsa documentary film for a UK charity tour.

“The film is not only educational for adults but for young people who will be able to experience a documentary film which explains the history of the Al Aqsa complex as the third holiest place of worship and its spiritual significance to Muslims but also to Christians and Jewish people all around the world.”

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