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Sunday, July 14, 2024

An application has been submitted to fence of plot of land due to fly tipping

Retrospective application to fence off fly tipped site

An area of land in Laisterdyke has been blighted by fly tipping because “people tend not to go the local waste disposal site” – according to its owner.

Pawson street fence. Image: Chris Young

A 1.8 metre high fence was fitted around the plot of land, next to the electricity sub-station at the junction of Blanche Street and Pawson Street, earlier this year. Landowner Sajid Ali Baig argued the metallic barrier was needed to prevent anti-social behaviour and fly tipping.

He has now submitted a retrospective planning application to Bradford Council to retain the fencing while he “evaluates the future use” of the site – which is just half a mile from the Bowling Back Lane tip.

The application says the plans will prove to be “exciting and stimulating for the local community.”

It adds: “The site has been owned by the client since 2004 with only a handful of incidents taking place prior to the last 18 months.

“In the last 18 months the site has been a target of antisocial behaviour and fly tipping as people tend to not go the local waste disposal site and dispose their household waste at this site.

“Several groups of young adults have been gathering at the site at night before the installation of the fence and causing anti-social behaviour, regular bonfires leaving the tarmac burnt and a cause of nuisance to both the residential and commercial neighbours.

“Due to the ongoing acts of fly tipping and anti-social behaviour the client has had to bear great expenses to protect all the immediate neighbours from injuries, regularly clear the site and insurance liabilities occurring due to the substation present on site.

“The 1.8m Palisade fence is therefore a deterrent measure from the anti-social behaviour experienced by the neighbours along with cameras installed, a safety measure for all visiting and around the site as well as maintaining visual amenity of the site whilst the client proceeds to evaluate the future use of the site.

“The host site and surrounding buildings would not suffer any detrimental effect through the proposed works; rather, the client is willing to invest handsomely in the development of the site to positively enhance the local and wider area.

“It is therefore felt that this proposal would maintain and respect the area and further provide the local community and prospective owners with developments located within the heart of the community – giving an added vibrancy and attraction to the area.

“We trust, based on the above, that the proposal will be deemed as exciting and stimulating for the local and wider community, gaining the support of the local planning authority.”

A decision is expected later this month.

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