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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Appeal over eyesore site

A Government inspector will review a decision to refuse the development of an eyesore site on a “somewhat bizarre” street.

Last year, Bradford Council refused a planning application to build a workshop unit on the corner of Independent Street and Centre Street, off Little Horton Lane.

The site, just yards from a row of terraced houses, is currently occupied by a number of vehicles, some of which seem to be scrap cars.

The application, by Mohammed Tariq, said the street layout was “somewhat bizarre” and that the plan would create a modern employment unit and lead to the scrap cars being removed.

Refusing the application, planning officers said no permission had ever been granted to store vehicles on the site.

They added: “The significant under delivery of parking proposed would encourage vehicles to overhang the highway and lead to increased pressures for on-street parking in this area, which is already highly congested.”

Now Mr Tariq has appealed this decision, meaning a Government appointed planning inspector will decide if the development can go ahead.

His appeal says the amount of parking the Council would require is excessive.

They also claim the Council seems to have based their decision on the idea the site would be a car workshop. The appeal claims it will be a start up workshop, used for trades such as joinery.”

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