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Monday, May 27, 2024

Bad parking in Huddersfield village sparks major accident fears

Cars parking across pavements and on double yellow lines in a busy Huddersfield suburb have sparked safety fears from a local councillor.

Images show cars parked outside Almondbury’s old co-op store. A fence had been put up previously to prevent drivers from parking on the site but this has since been pushed back.

More cars parked on the pavement in Almondbury. Credit: Bernard McGuin.

Ward councillor Bernard McGuin (Con) has reported the issue to Kirklees Council and the Police. He highlighted a number of issues including vehicles parked on pavements, double yellows, at bus stops, and too close to crossing, and urged both authorities to take action.

Cllr McGuin said: “I have been concerned about inconsiderate parking here for some time. I have asked for traffic enforcement from Kirklees and the Police. Unfortunately, the services are stretched and, inevitably bad parking keeps reoccurring.

“Two minor accidents have occurred, the latest on Thursday. Luckily they were minor. I would like Kirklees and the Police to be more proactive to avoid a major accident.”

Kirklees Council and West Yorkshire Police were approached for comment.

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