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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Batley based football club hosts first ever football gala for local madrassahs.

Mount Pleasant FC, on 16 July, hosted its first-ever Football Gala for the local madrassahs at Hyrstlands Park, Batley. Against a backdrop of clear blue skies and the joyous sounds of children and families, the event attracted an astonishing turnout from the local and wider community, leaving the club deeply grateful for their overwhelming support.

The centrepiece of the gala was an exhilarating football competition that spanned across age groups, from under 7s to under 12s, featuring an impressive roster of 75 teams representing the local madrassahs.

The quality of football displayed throughout the tournament was truly exceptional, highlighting the skills and talents of our local madrassah students, who do not always have the opportunity to play in a formal league setting.

Spectators were captivated by the level of play and demonstrated commendable behaviour and discipline while providing unwavering support to the participating children.

Yunus Lunat, club chairperson at Mount Pleasant FC, speaking to Asian Standard said: “As a club at the heart of the community we wanted to do an event for the community rather than a conventional football gala. The turnout and subsequent feedback is a clear message that this will become an annual event”.

Among some of the attendees was local man Saj, whose elderly mother also attended. He explained how his mother rarely goes out, but she thoroughly enjoyed her experience at the gala. Saj wanted to say a big thank you to the organisers. He said: “Mashallah and congrats on organising such a well run and welcome gala.

“Everyone I spoke to really appreciated the event being held and the way in which it was delivered on the day. The openness and the family atmosphere was brilliant.

“It genuinely felt like a community event, delivered by our people for our people, to coin a phrase.

Well done. May the almighty reward everyone who made it possible.”

The club successfully achieved its objective to ensure a fun-filled experience for the children. Parents and guardians expressed their immense satisfaction, cherishing the fact that such a remarkable event took place in their own community. People from across ages enjoyed the matches and engaged with the local stalls set up.

Foodstalls at the event, Image: Yonus Lunat, Chairperson, Mount Pleasant FC

The stalls area proved to be a hit among families, who indulged in an assortment of delectable treats such as pani puri, sweets, desserts, karak chai, fruit, sweetcorn, ice cream, and a range of other enticing products available for purchase.

One particular highlight that brought immense joy to both children and adults was the central stall, where they enthusiastically participated in painting on a canvas, highlighting their artistic skills and creativity.

One of the other highlights of the event was the gala’s sizzling BBQ, which saw the resolute team tirelessly flipping burgers and grilling chicken and chips from the early morning hours until 6pm. The entire stock of mouthwatering delicacies was completely sold out.

The club extended its heartfelt appreciation to all the volunteers, sponsors, stall holders, the council and the local madrassahs for their participation and support, as their collective efforts played a crucial role in the gala’s success.

Mount Pleasant FC’s Football Gala stood as a testament to the power of community spirit and collaboration.

The club said that it anticipates future development opportunities at Hyrstlands Park to unite the community not only through the beautiful game of football, but by making it a community hub.

The football club has invited in volunteers seeing an increased demand for participation and a growing girl’s group. If someone wishes to join the club and help as a coach or volunteer. Training and support will be provided. Anyone interested should contact  mpfcjunior@gmail.com.

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