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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Bradford chief executive Kersten England named as top council earner in Yorkshire

Cheif executive of Bradford Council, Kersten England, has been named as the Council's top earner.

The chief executive of Bradford Council has been named in the Town Hall Rich List 2022.

First compiled in 2007 by Tax Payers Alliance, the Town Hall Rich List looks at the top council earners across the UK.

In Bradford, seven Council employees earn more than £100,000 a year, including the chief executive (£194,628), the strategic director of corporate resources (£147,459), the strategic director of children’s services (£143,336), the director of the West Yorkshire Pension Fund (£111,231), the city solicitor (£105,100), director of finances and IT (£105,100), and the director of human resources (£105,100).

Kersten England was named as the top council earner in Yorkshire.

The strategic director place (£98,306), the director of public health (£94,785), and the strategic director of health and wellbeing (£91,963) earn just shy of £100,000, not including pension contributions.

Kersten England, the chief executive of Bradford Council, has been named as the top Council earner in Yorkshire.

She earns a salary of £194,628, with a pension of £33,000 a year, and £441 in other expenses, with a total remuneration of £228,350.

At least 2,921 people employed by local authorities in 2020-21 received a remuneration of over £100,000 an increase of 119 more than in the previous year. 739 people received more than £150,000, up 46 than in the previous year.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance says Leeds had the highest amount of staff on more than £100,000, with 26 earning at least that amount, not including pension contributions.

The highest remunerated council employee in 2020-21 was the now-former chief executive of Croydon Council, receiving £613,895 in total remuneration. This included a loss of office payment of £144,356, pension strain payment of £292,851, a salary of £151,474 and a pension contribution of £25,214.

In comparison, the chief executive of Leeds Council, Tom Riordan, was paid £185,896. However, this does not include pension contributions. In Kirklees, the chief executive, Jacqui Gedman, earned £168,903 with a pension of £26,855, being remunerated £195,758 in total last year.

A Bradford Council spokesperson said:  “The salaries the Council pays to its senior staff are in line with the rate such staff are paid across the sector, they earn less than senior-level posts in other sectors, yet the responsibility they hold is huge.

“Particularly at times like this when the local government have been at the frontline of supporting communities and businesses throughout the pandemic and working closely with our NHS organisations through times of increased demand.

“Bradford is the fifth-largest metropolitan district council in the country with a gross budget of over £1 billion and a workforce of more than 8,000 staff delivering vital public services to over half a million residents and 17,000 businesses.”


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