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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Bradford Council uncovers ground-breaking energy saving breakthrough

Council becomes first in UK to adopt "ground breaking" technology

Bradford Council has become the first UK local authority to adopt ground-breaking energy saving technology.

South Shields based SafeSol has installed new heating technology in Britannia House in Bradford city centre.

The company commenced work with Bradford Council in February 2023, introducing their original Delta T formulation on a trial basis.

They say results from this trial have provided the council with big savings in energy costs whilst at the same time reducing CO2 emissions and improving the heating efficiency of the buildings into which the technology was introduced.

The technology was installed at Britannia House in November. Delta-T is a closed system additive that changes the properties of water making it more efficient.

John Sharp, Bradford Council’s Energy Team Manager said: “The initial trials and deployments were carried out in four smaller buildings where we had been having issues with heating. The impact was immediate with comfort levels improving significantly due to a greater consistency of heat transfer. System temperatures reached set levels quicker and the drop off at the end of the heating system was much less evident.

“These benefits enabled us to reduce the lead in time for heating at the beginning of the day, reduce boiler temperatures and remove additional heating in the cold areas. We achieved savings on gas usage by 12-20 per cent in each building, which have been maintained 12 months on from initial deployment.”

Bradford Council’s Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, Transport and Planning Councillor Alex Ross-Shaw said: “We welcome new innovative ideas such as this that help to reduce energy costs in Council buildings.

“As we strive to reduce emissions and our carbon footprint it is also important that we improve efficiency in buildings and offer value for money for taxpayers.”

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