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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Bradford race equality think tank joins forces with national charity to host ‘biggest event of it’s kind’ around race and migrants’ rights

Bradford’s Race Equality Network (REN) were a key partner supporting national charity Runnymede Trust’s ‘We Move’ race equality and migrants’ rights summit. The event, which took place at Leeds University between 2-4 September, brought together a range of people and organisations to engage with the race equality and migrants’ rights agenda.

It was said to be the biggest event of its kind in this country for a generation, with over 500 people from across the country in attendance, providing them with real opportunities to advance the race equality and migrants rights agenda through workshops, sessions and presentations from organisations, academics and campaigners.

The network delivered two events during the summit. A ‘world café’ session: Power and Belonging, that provided an opportunity for attendees to contribute to a wider discussion around identity, race and belonging.

The session was one of the most popular workshops of the summit with 100 attendees that came together to explore who has the power in society and look at solutions to address the obstacles that exist in society to ensure that the UK becomes the truly inclusive society for ethnic minority communities, disabled people, women, LGBTQIA+, migrants and refugees, elderly and also young people.  REN, a race equality thinktank, were supported by key partners from across the district who supported in facilitating the round table discussions.

REN team

REN also delivered a Covid-19 A Community Response session which highlighted the work they delivered to support ethnic minority and Central Eastern European (CEE) communities through the Covid pandemic.

REN funded 35 grass roots organisations working with these communities and were joined by five delivery partners for the session including Windrush Generations, Connecting Roma, Keighley Association for Women and Children Centre (KAWACC), Bradford Hindu Council and The Rachna Hub.

All organisations delivered presentations on their response in supporting their communities during the pandemic through effective community engagement and communications strategies which was instrumental in reducing Covid infection rates and increasing uptake of the Covid vaccinations amongst ethnic minority and CEE communities.

REN Project Officer, Fatima Mahmood who led the Power and Belonging session said, “REN are proud to be supporting Runnymede Trust with the We Move Summit, it was such an innovative and engaging summit.” She highlighted the need to promote inclusive citizenship and have discussion on race and identity at a local level that can connect to international human rights campaign and policies.

“The Power and Belonging session looked at the nature of power across different community groups and it was amazing to see so many important conversations taking place. I am hopeful that the findings from the workshop and REN’s partnership with Runnymede Trust will promote human rights and support our communities. Another world is possible!’’

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