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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Bradford School to fence off play area “used for anti social activities”

A Bradford Primary School has been granted permission to better secure an area “used for anti-social activities.”

The area of land next to Horton Grange Primary School on Spencer Lane already has a small fence around it.

But Exceed Academies Trust says the existing structure does not protect the site adequately, claiming it cannot be used as a play area.

Earlier this year the Trust submitted a planning application to install a three metre high fence around the site. Once it is installed, the site will be landscaped with new seating.

The trust’s application said: “Due to the current low height of the gates and fence and its illegal use for various antisocial and criminal activities throughout the week (and left-over items and paraphernalia associated with these activities), the play area cannot presently be safely or securely used by the school and its pupils.”

The application has now been approved by Bradford Council. Planning officers said: “The increased use of this site will provide some natural surveillance of the public footways in this location, which is considered to be positive for the area.”

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