A selfless Bradford man Abdul Satar has yet again proved positivity in the year 2020.
Mr Satar is the Trustee and founder of the Bradford Community Kitchen set up in 2017, which has helped many vulnerable people throughout the years.

This charity organisation has volunteers from many different backgrounds, and it has a 100 per cent donation policy.
Bradford Community kitchen has continuously shown how committed, and selfless they are by providing hot meals, emotional support clothes and hygiene products.

Abdul Satar (right) with Pakistan Consul General

Even when the lockdown drastically happened, that did not dampen their spirits, as they successfully distributed over 4000 food packs around the Bradford district.

Abdul Satar has not only had the honour to be recognised in Bradford; he is also one of six people in the UK to be recognised by the Pakistan government in an online ceremony celebratory achievements and contributions of the worldwide Pakistani diaspora.

If that wasn’t incredible enough, he went above and beyond with charity. He did not just stop at Bradford, as well as helping schools in Pakistan and doing many charitable deeds, one of his recent successful projects was to help the babies in Yemen.

On 14 September, a container was sent to Yemen containing essentials for a baby, such as baby milk, food and medicine, which could help many babies who are suffering from malnutrition because of the ongoing war in Yemen.
The progress was outstanding raising £7,190 in just 12 hours, and it continued to grow.

The container to Yemen full of baby goods has now shipped off and is expected to reach its destination within two weeks, in time to help families during the hard winter months.

This would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of Abdul Satar and everyone that contributed towards it.

Mr Satar is always on the go helping the community one way or another, when we asked him what your next project is, he said. “At the moment we are supporting a family that have fled domestic violence, we are providing them with new furniture and food”.

With the continuous selfless charity acts that Abdul Satar and the team does, it creates hope and positivity not just in Bradford but around the world. Who needs Superman when the world, especially Bradford has Mr Satar.