It is coming to that time of year again where winter creeps up and we catch a common cold or flu.

But desi people have another alternative to getting better and that is concocting herbal drinks.

Online, people have been discussing which desi remedies are good for them, but some are a little sceptical in saying they do not help at all for colds and flus.


One person tweeted saying, “I got Swine flu once and my mum kept making me some desi drinks to try and cure it. I’m still traumatised.”

Which lead to a conversation about different desi drinks, with one asking if they worked.

Twitter user Mandeep Dubb said, “Do you think they worked? I always feel so many of these desi remedies are going to be lost in the future.”

Another said she is a strong believer in these remedies, saying, “I am such a firm believer in desi mom home remedies I will truly drink any turmeric/honey/lemon/cinnamon/black seed/ginger concoction u give me without asking any questions.”

Most of these natural herbal remedies have been used for so long and have been passed down in families for decades.

Herbal tea pixabay

The top five most used and tried desi remedies are:

Turmeric –Turmeric is like the new paracetamol and people can even buy turmeric tablets these days, which you can simply use in foods or have in your drinks

Ginger/garlic – This duo is a superfood, and you can add it to hot water, or mix them with turmeric and lemon to add more flavour and nutrients to your drink. Ginger can be used in all foods and most drinks. Ginger and garlic are known to be medicinal in desi culture.

Honey and lemon – You can simply buy honey and lemon teabags from any supermarkets, or you can add a fresh wedge of lemon with a spoonful of honey to hot water.

Clove and black pepper – Soak some cloves overnight and bring to a boil. Strain the cloves and you can add black pepper with pink Himalayan salt or lemon. This is a great a drink if you need to detox your body.

Tulsi and mint leaves – You can buy tulsi and mint leaves as a powder or fresh from your local shops or online. This is a refreshing drink where you can mix the tulsi and mint together in boiled water, strain the mixture into a cup and enjoy.

My Naniji (grandmother) loves to make a home remedy for her grandchildren. She swears by a ghee (clarified butter), black pepper, and garam masala hot drink and fennel seeds with hot water.

It is not the most pleasant to drink but it does soothe the throat and warms you up during harsh winter times.

Do you have a homemade concoction which you swear by or know of any ridiculous suggestions that don’t work?