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Monday, April 22, 2024

Brothers on Wheels: From Bonnyrigg to Hajj, A Journey of Hope

In a testament to human endurance and compassion, two brothers from the quaint town of Bonnyrigg, Midlothian, Scotland, are gearing up for an unprecedented adventure. Today (1 April), Abdul Rahman, 34, and his younger sibling Reehan Ali, 29, will embark on a remarkable 3,635-mile odyssey to the revered Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia — not by plane, nor by car, but by bicycle.

Their audacious journey spans across 13 countries, encompassing a breathtaking route that winds through the Netherlands, Germany, Bulgaria, Türkiye, Lebanon, and beyond. Over the course of 60 days, they will pedal through diverse landscapes and cultures, driven by an unyielding determination to reach their sacred destination.

Inspiration struck the brothers after encountering the remarkable tale of a group of cyclists who braved a similar pilgrimage from London five years prior. Abdul Rahman recalls the moment vividly, remarking, “Reading about those cyclists got me thinking — what an awe-inspiring way to embark on the Hajj. It also ignited a question within me: Do I possess the fortitude to undertake such a feat?” With resolve in their hearts, the brothers embarked on a rigorous fitness regimen, preparing themselves mentally and physically for the journey of a lifetime.

However, their aspirations transcended personal achievement. As the conflict in Gaza erupted, the brothers witnessed the harrowing images of devastation and suffering. In a stirring display of solidarity, they resolved to harness their expedition to alleviate the plight of those affected by war. Teaming up with the Edinburgh-based charity, World Care Foundation, renowned for its unwavering commitment to humanitarian aid, Abdul Rahman and Reehan seized the opportunity to turn their pilgrimage into a beacon of hope. Proceeds from their arduous journey will be directed towards supporting World Care Foundation’s vital aid projects for the people of Gaza, amplifying the impact of their noble endeavour.

The departure of these intrepid cyclists from Bonnyrigg Mosque on the 1 April marks the commencement of an extraordinary voyage. With the backing of World Care Foundation, their expedition will be spotlighted across social media platforms, providing regular updates that chronicle their extraordinary journey.

As Abdul Rahman and Reehan set forth on their epic odyssey, their wheels not only carry them towards a cherished dream but also symbolise a profound gesture of empathy and solidarity. Through their Pedal 2 Hajj initiative, these brothers exemplify the indomitable spirit of humanity, igniting a beacon of hope that transcends borders and unites hearts in a shared pursuit of compassion and understanding.

For more about the cyclists and the challenge visit www.pedal2hajj.com

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