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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Car seized by police in Brierly after occupants abandon vehicle and leg it after dangerous driving

The occupants of the car abanded the car and legged it on foot on Friday.

A car was seized on Friday after it was abandoned by its driver.

The driver of a red five-door vehicle was chased by West Yorkshire Police last week after they were caught dangerously driving.

The occupants of the car were caught going the wrong way at the Asda Superstore roundabout in Bowling.

The occupants of the car then got out of the vehicle and legged it on foot.

West Yorkshire Police are currently on the hunt for the owner of the car.

A spokesperson for West Yorkshire Police, said: “Bierley: Vehicle made off from officers last night and pursuit ensued.

“Vehicle driven dangerously including wrong way at Asda roundabout.

“Abandoned, occupants made off on foot.

“Vehicle seized and enquiries ongoing to trace driver.”

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