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Thursday, May 30, 2024

City council calls for urgent action to achieve a ceasefire in the Middle East

A call for urgent action to achieve a ceasefire in the Middle East has received cross-party support from councillors in the city.

A white paper motion on the issue and its impact on communities in Leeds was carried unanimously at a full council meeting.

The motion calls for the release of hostages, humanitarian access and a total cessation of hostilities from all sides in the region.

It said: “Council recognises the impact the conflict in the Middle East is having on many citizens in Leeds, in particular our Muslim and Jewish communities, and therefore council calls for urgent action to bring about a lasting ceasefire from all parties in the region.

“Council understands that there are great differences in how people view the conflict, the respective rights and wrongs, and the solutions to bring about peace in the area.

“However, despite those differences, we must ensure that people are able to go about their lives in our city freely, with confidence, and without fear of intimidation, harassment or hatred.”

The motion said communities from across the city were represented at a conference in December to address anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim prejudice.

It said: “The solidarity and commitment to work together to support both Jewish and Muslim communities was clear and powerfully articulated and we intend to work towards a common objective to ensure that Leeds remains a safe and welcoming place for all.”

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