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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Cllr Nick Forbes selection vote defeat set to be investigated

Asian Standard reported yesterday on how the leader of Newcastle Council lost a vital selection vote at Arthur’s Hill earlier in the week ahead of the May elections.

The result means Cllr Nick Forbes won’t be able to stand for the Spring election unless he could be parachuted into another available ward. But even then, he may not be able to hold on to his role as Council Leader.

The 48-year-old lost out to Abdul Samad by 13 votes to four, a result that rocked the political landscape on Tyneside.

We also reported on how Mr Forbes or his allies might yet challenge the result. Asian Standard has now learned the Labour Party is set to launch an investigation into how the ballot was caried out last Tuesday.

It seems Labour North has recorded a series of complaints over the selection process prompting an investigation.

We also understand the Arthur’s Hill Labour branch may have breached party rules by failing to give seven days notice of a challenge to Cllr Forbes ahead of the selection meeting.

Asian Standard also discovered Lewis Atkinson secretary of the Tynemouth Constituency Labour Party had alleged on twitter ‘the meeting sounds like a no-notice ambush outside the rules rather than following due and democratic process.’

Sources within Newcastle Labour’s Local Campaign Forum also confirmed a-number-of-complaints had been received due to concerns about the meeting and said: “The whole process needs to be investigated.”

Cllr Forbes had no idea he was about to be challenged with some supporters saying it had been totally unfair.

Asian Standard has contacted Newcastle Central CLP, thought to have organised the meeting at Arthur’s Hill branch for a response. They told us they can’t comment on such internal matters. Labour North are also declining to comment on the situation.


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