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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Community leaders to meet with Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh this week

Community leaders from Bradford are flying to Bangladesh to visit Rohingya refugees and explore business and sports sectors within the country.

Community leaders from Bradford are on their way to Bangladesh to visit Rohingya refugee camps and explore the business, healthcare, education, sanitation, and sports sectors in the country through a Yorkshire-based charity.

The initiative, which is 100% self-funded, is put on through Eden Project. Eden Project is one of the leading sports engagement programmes that promote the values of international sports engagement and sustainable supply chains.

Dr Manoj Joshi is among several community leaders taking part.

The Eden Project represents a significant number of organisations across the UK in providing information and practical solutions towards increased sustainability for the sports industry.

The Eden Project is represented by a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of sports engagement. One of the prime objectives is to expand the level of cooperation and contribute to prosperous and responsible business relations.

The Eden Project is leading its second delegation from Bradford to Bangladesh from today, Monday, 21, February to 4 March 2022.

The delegation team includes The Lord Mayor of Bradford Cllr Shabir Hussain, Former Keighley Mayor Fulzar Ahmed, Dr Manoj Joshi DL, Cllr Ashraf Miah, Nigel Wood OBE, Humayun Islam BEM, Shahidur Rahman, Graham Swain, Bhavna Joshi, Dr Fereshteh Fallah, Saiful Islam (Shamim), Ruhel Miah and others.

The Lord Mayor of Bradford Cllr Shabir Hussain said: “This is a great opportunity to strengthen existing links of Bradford & Bangladesh to leverage more Business, Sports & Cultural benefits and I am delighted to lead this Civic Delegation to Bangladesh.”

The Lord Mayor of Bradford Cllr Shabir will also be in attendance.

Eden Project’s last delegation to Bangladesh was in February 2019, which included the former Lord Mayor of Bradford, the late Cllr Abid Hussain.

The delegation team has plans to visit the Rohingya Refugee Camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh Parliament in Dhaka, and various places in Sylhet. There will be several official meetings with Ministers, Mayors, Rotary Clubs and leading dignitaries.

Bingley ward Councillor Ashraf Miah said: “On behalf of Eden Project we would like to thank Mr Kazi Ziaul Hasan, Bangladesh Assistant High Commissioner of Manchester and his staff for exceptional support they have provided.”

Former Lord Mayor of Keighley, Fulzar Ahmed, said: “I’m really pleased to announce that the Eden delegation team will be visiting Bangladesh for the second time. Bangladesh has an impressive track record of growth and poverty reduction. It has been among the fastest-growing economies in the world over the past decade. I’m looking forward to exploring opportunities.”

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