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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Cones books for Children to be translated into Urdu

A book that teaches children about safety around trains is to be translated into Urdu by the University of Bradford.

A book from a popular children’s educational safety series is to be translated into Urdu.

Chris Madeley’s 2016 Cones on the Rail book is going to be translated into Urdu by the University of Bradford.

The series is aimed at children between six and eight years old and teaches them about safety, how to make new friends, and the different types of jobs there are in the world.

Chris Madeley published the first Cones Book in 2014.

The first book in the series, Meet the Cones, was originally published in English in 2014 after Mrs Madeley was inspired by traffic cones she saw on the motorway.

Travelling between her and her husband, Keith Madeley’s, main office in Bradford and a branch office in Hertfordshire, Mrs Madeley was inspired by traffic cones she saw on the M1 whilst stuck in traffic.

Sitting in road works surrounded by miles and miles of cones, the concept of Cones coming alive and having adventures was born.

Mr Madeley, who is affectionally known as ‘Mr Yorkshire,’ is a financial management professional and is highly respected in the industry for innovative product development. Mr Yorkshire was awarded an MBE for his service to communities in Yorkshire in 2011 and has done extensive work with Asian businesses across Yorkshire.

There are currently 13 books published, with two more in the illustration phase and five more that have been commissioned.

Bringing the cones to life, Mrs Madeley has created a means of teaching safety, inclusion, diversity, ecological issues, climate change issues, and construction issues to children, free from the constraints of culture, race, colour and religion.

Within each story all Cones are equal, are everywhere and have a life of their own.

The young Cones in the stories are fascinated by human behaviour and are anxious to learn. Each story is designed around an adventure that involves being in a situation whereby they have fun, increase their knowledge and navigate dangers they counter while also being aware of the environment.

Mrs Madeley said: “The strapline of the series is ‘Helping corporate Britain educate children’.  I work with large companies to get their messages and career opportunities across, to help children keep safe, learn about the world around them and about human behaviour.”

Promoting literacy is important to Mrs Madeley. She said: “You can’t do anything without reading, everything, even to what food you have, you have to be able to read the label. Reading is essential to life.”

The latest book to be published is Cones and Building Bridges which aims to inspire children to consider a career in the construction and infrastructure industry from a young age by demonstrating the exciting opportunities that the industry has to offer.

By bringing traffic cones to life, Cones and Building Bridges takes the reader through a typical day on a construction site, educating them on health and safety and touching on topics such as the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Originally published in 2016, Cones on the Rails is in the process of being translated into Urdu.

Speaking about the new translation, Mrs Madeley said: “Having visited several schools in Bradford and Leeds I was informed by teachers that some mothers, whose first language is not English, struggle with comprehending what their children are reading and so it is hoped that if the child has the book in both English and Urdu, it will help the child and their parents.

Bradford lass Zara Hussain studied illustration and digital media at Bradford College School of Art and illustrated the earlier books in the series, including Cones on the Rails.



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