There has been a small rise in positive COVID-19 cases in Kirklees in the latest Public Health England figures.

The latest data, measuring the number of positive cases per 100,000 people up to the week of August 31, shows an increase from 27.1 to 28.7 per 100,000 in Kirklees

There were only seven new cases reported across Kirklees as the total rose from 119 to 126 over seven days between August 24 and August 31.

Despite only a small increase in positive COVID-19 cases, local restrictions still remain in place in Dewsbury and Bately where cases still remain higher compared with the rest of the district.

The wards include Batley East, Batley West, Dewsbury East, Dewsbury South and Dewsbury West. However, the highest rise this week across Batley and Dewsbury came in Dewsbury Moor Lower & Westtown with nine new cases recorded.

Cases in Kirklees have dropped dramatically over the past two weeks. Figures of positive cases over the past two weeks show a large drop compared to the 37.38 positive cases per 100,000 recorded in mid-August.

The local measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, which were eased on Wednesday, September 2 in some areas of Kirklees, now allow residents to meet with one other household in indoor and outdoor venues, including pubs, cafes, restaurants and places of worship.

Close contact treatments are now allowed with beauty businesses reopening while indoor entertainment venues such as casinos, bowling alleys and indoor play areas also reopened.

Councillor Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council, was pleased to see restrictions lifted across Kirklees. But he urged residents to remain cautious, whilst also expressing his desire to ”fight” for restrictions to be lifted in Batley and Dewsbury. Government announcements on further areas to be released from lockdown restrictions is expected later today, Friday, August 4.

He said: “I asked Government for the whole of Kirklees to be lifted from these restrictions and this is still my view. So, I’m disappointed that people and businesses in Dewsbury and Batley will continue to be impacted by these restrictions for now. However, this decision shows that the Government agrees that we’re heading in the right direction.

“I am going to press the Government to tell us how we can get Dewsbury and Batley lifted from these restrictions and I’m going to fight for these communities. In the meantime, we will continue with the great work we’re doing on the ground to target our most at-risk areas to bring infection rates down.

“My message to people in Dewsbury and Batley is that I know how tough this has been and will continue to be, but if we all keep following the guidance and staying safe we will get these local restrictions lifted.

“I’d like to thank all political leaders – including our local MPs – in Kirklees for joining me in discussions this week and working hard to make a case for these restrictions to be lifted.

“I’m pleased that the Government has listened to us in part and has agreed to give most of our residents these freedoms back so they can start meeting with families and friends from other households again and businesses impacted by the restrictions can now start to recover.

“We all still need to be really careful. These local restrictions are being lifted in some areas, but people are still being infected across the whole borough so no matter where you live please continue to follow all national guidance and stay safe.”

The latest help and advice on coronavirus in Kirklees can be accessed here: