The England Football Association (FA) announced today that senior men’s and women’s teams have been receiving equal pay since January 2020.

The payments received refer to both match fees and bonuses, which players receive after making appearances for the England national team.

England is the second national team to announce the equal pay for their senior football players this week. The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) announced on Wednesday that they would be paying their male and female players equally, starting from next year’s Olympics in Tokyo.

In a brief statement, the FA announced today: “The FA pays its women’s players exactly the same as their male counterparts for representing England, both in terms of match fees and match bonuses.

“This parity has been in place since January 2020.”

Only five national football teams, including England and Brazil, now pay their female and men’s players the same amount. New Zealand, Australia and Norway also pay their players equally while the Netherlands have plans in place to pay male and female players equally between 2021 and 2023.

A Small Step Forward

Although the recent announcements are a step forward for the equality of men’s and women’s football, there are still calls from female national teams to address the issue of gender inequality within football. Others have also called on footballing governing bodies to do more to make football conditions and pay fairer for professional players.

The United States women’s team, in particular, have been demanding parity under the Equal Pay Act.

All 28 members of US 2019 World Cup-winning squad sought £52.8 million in damages over discrimination over unfair pay and conditions. But the case was dismissed in May 2020, leading to the women’s team immediately appealing the decision with the case still ongoing.

Pressure has also been placed on the world governing body FIFA over prize money received from the men’s and women’s World Cups. The US received £3.2 million for winning the France 2019 World Cup, while the French men’s team received £315 million for their tournament win in 2020.

The Australian player’s union also united to call on FIFA to address the issue of unequal pay between male and female players.