By Tony Earnshaw-LDRS


“Rough drivers” in Huddersfield have been slapped with dozens of penalty notices following a police crackdown.
Offences included speeding and failure to wear a seat belt.

Eight uninsured vehicles were seized, and one person was caught driving whilst disqualified.
Officers who targeted the Blacker Road area were responding to calls from local councillors in Birkby to act on irresponsible drivers making residents’ lives a misery.

Clr Sheikh Ullah, who represents Greenhead ward with his Labour colleagues Carole Pattison and Mohan Sokhal, offered a tough response.
He said: “Let this be a firm warning that we mean business.
“Irresponsible motorists should be under no illusion that we pledge to sustain a crackdown until this deep-rooted problem is tackled once and for all.”

The Greenhead trio acted following reports that the area has been plagued with persistent poor driving, which has affected local people and shoppers.
Clr Ullah said residents had been “terrified” by the “huge” numbers of vehicles driven at high speeds and had demanded an end to what he described as “the daily nightmare”.

Drawing together a multi-agency force that saw councillors partnering with West Yorkshire Police, Safer Kirklees and Kirklees Council parking attendants, the focus delivered “firm action” over several days.

Clr Ullah added: “We will continue to do what it takes to ensure our communities and pedestrians are safe.
“Over the last week police officers have attended Blacker Road on many occasions along with Kirklees parking staff to help educate drivers and businesses.”