Children across the country have been back in the classrooms for a few weeks after months of being home-schooled.

But with coronavirus cases rising and Bradford still being under local lockdown measures, do parents feel safe with their children in school? Are parents following social distancing guidelines when they pick up their children?

We spoke to parents outside Barkerend Primary Leadership Academy who have mixed feelings about the children being back at school.

How do you feel now your children are back at school, do you think it is safe for them?

Nabeela Suleman– 31, nurse

Not great, there is too many kids mixing all at once. The pandemic is not over. I felt better when my children were coming during the lockdown as I am a key worker. This is too much in my opinion.

The teachers are overrun.

Amrit Hussain, 37, retail worker

They are not very safe at school, there’s not enough space or facilities.

Haq Aziz, 42, accountant

I think they are quite safe, teachers are always cleaning before the kids go to the classroom, well that is what my son tells me. Its not really logical for kids to be in a classroom so close together, but where we are, I think it is alright.

Are parents social distancing outside of the school gate?


No just look at them, it is like they are not bothered. I was social distancing before the pandemic as I did not want to be in the crowds, but parents are still grouping together chatting while they wait.


They do not follow social distancing, just look at them, they are not two metres apart are they: they are not listening to the advice. They do have masks on some of them but that is not all of them.


Well some are, as you can see, I am standing away on the opposite side, waiting for my son, I will go over when I see him. But some do not seem to be following the rules