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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Cyclists take on 70 mile bike ride to raise money for orphans in Lebanon

More than a dozen cyclists took on the challenge to raise money for children impacted by the Syrian conflict.

Cyclists from across West Yorkshire and beyond took on a challenging 70 mile bike ride from Dewsbury to York and back in aid of refugee Orphans in Lebanon.

Pedlaz Cycling Club which is based in Dewsbury and Batley organised the charity bike ride to raise funds for their orphanage project in Lebanon that seeks to provide orphan refugees of the Syrian conflict and children without a breadwinner a safe place to live and basic education and health care.

On Saturday 14 May, 16 cyclists of varying abilities set off from Dewsbury in glorious sunshine to the historic city of York, supported by a dedicated support team who shadowed them all the way providing food and water to keep the cyclist going.

Members of Pedlaz cycled from Dewsbury to York and back to raise money for orphans refugees.

On what turned out to be one of the best days of the year so far, the cyclist made their way from Masjid E Umar Mosque in Dewsbury via Tingley, Rothwell, Garforth Tadcaster to York bathed in glorious sunshine.

Pedlaz Cycling club organises regular charity bike rides for various causes throughout the year raising money for valuable causes whilst enjoying their passion for cycling.

It also provides regular rides for men and women of all abilities from new cyclists requiring advice and support to longer rides for seasoned cyclists who want a new challenge.

Through the Pedlaz 4 Orphans project, the cyclists aim to raise £25,000 to pay for the running costs of one of the orphanages run by The World Care Foundation which runs various aid projects in Lebanon as well as other parts of the world.

One of the newer cyclists Nowman, said: “I signed up with Pedlaz last year and have been developing my cycling since then. I thought the 70 mile York ride would be the perfect motivation I need to try and get my distance up and to raise some money for a great cause at the same time. I have become fitter and faster and also helped vulnerable children so that’s a win-win situation”

Jav, one of the founder members of the club, said: “As we get older, it becomes increasingly harder to stay fit and healthy, with the gym not being for everyone.

The group aims to raise £25,000.

“Cycling combines the best of a nice social event as well as working on our fitness.

“Our goal when we set up the group was to make cycling for physical and mental health accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

“From the beginning, we always said we need to combine a social responsibility and charity element to it. That’s why we will keep regular cycling challenges to raise money for those less fortunate.

The cyclists were delighted with the support from all sections of the community and even received donations on the route from people who saw them on the roadside.

They are well on their way to the target of £25,000 having already raised £16000.

One of the organisers Imtiaz, commented: “It was a successful event and we would like to thank all the cyclists, supporters, donors and everyone who helped make the event a success including our sponsors La-Romantica beds and Cycleogist Bike Mechanic.

“Anyone wishing to join us on our regular rides or wanting details on future events can follow us social media @pedlazcc”

The fundraising link is still open and anyone wanting to contribute can donate, here.

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