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Thursday, May 26, 2022

‘Dangerous’ Bradford man jailed for 14 years for two burglaries

Mark Hall and an accomplice carried out attacks on two vulnerable men in their homes in 2018, Bradford Crown Court heard today.

A Bradford man has been jailed following two aggravated burglaries that left one victim with a dislocated shoulder.

Mark Hall, 50, formally of Hydale Court, Low Moor, Bradford, was convicted at Bradford Crown Court today, Thursday 23 September 2021, after he was found guilty of aggravated burglary, possession of an offensive weapon and robbery during a three-day trial in April 2021.

The conviction relates to two incidents that occurred in December 2018.

On 6 December 2018, officers received a call stating that a man had forced his way into the rear of a property in Besha Avenue, Bradford demanding money.

As the victim, aged 66 at the time of the incident, tried to get Hall to leave the premises, Hall struck the victim on the back of his head. Hall also threatened the victim’s wife.

Hall was pushed out of the property and he made off on foot. The victim was taken to hospital, where he was treated for injuries to his head.

On 30 December 2018, undeterred, Hall returned to Besha Avenue, and forced his way into another property after knocking on the door, demanding money.

The victim, who was 59 at the time, was struck over the head and assaulted. Hall then left the scene on foot. The victim required hospital treatment after the assault which left him with a dislocated shoulder and injuries to his head.

Hall was later arrested and charged for both offences and was sentenced to 14 years in prison, extended for three years. His victims were also compensated £100 each for their bravery.

West Yorkshire Police Detective Hannah Mansell said: “Hall is a dangerous individual and this is a welcome sentence, as it reflects the gravity of his offences.

“Hall entered people’s home without permission and launched an unwarranted attack on them, leaving his victims injured, shaken and scared.

“I want to thank them for their co-operation throughout this investigation as it was a terrible ordeal, and I hope this sentence brings them the justice they deserve.”

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