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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Digital sign appeal fails

Government inspector dismissed claim Council had "no reasonable grounds" to refuse digital advert plan

A government planning inspector has dismissed an advertising company’s appeal to install a large digital sign on Sticker Lane.

Bradford Council refused the application for an illuminated sign at Seymour Works earlier this year, saying the advertisement would be “highly prominent and appear in stark contrast to the muted backdrop within which it would be positioned.”

Applicant Clear Channel appealed this decision to the Planning Inspectorate, saying: “The Council has not presented any reasonable or credible grounds for refusing consent.”

But now Government Planning Inspector D Hartley has dismissed that appeal.

Their decision letter said: “The proposed advertisement would dominate the building on the appeal site as well as the property adjacent to it. Unlike the existing totem signs in the immediate area, the proposal would not be subservient in scale to nearby properties and, furthermore, owing to its position, size and use of LED colours, it would detract unacceptably from the more muted tones of the buildings that immediately surround it.

“The harm would be particularly apparent for those travelling in a northerly direction on foot or in a vehicle.

“To the passer-by, the harm caused by the out of keeping advertisement would be exacerbated given the changing static and coloured images. Indeed, the latter is not a characteristic of the locality.

“I conclude that the proposal would cause significant harm to the amenity of the area.”

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