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Sunday, April 21, 2024

Eleven great reasons to Shop Local in Bradford next week

Shoppers are being urged to help Bradford city centre “survive and thrive” by supporting Shop Local Week from August 8 to 14.

The celebration of local businesses was launched by the Government in 2020 to help retailers, hospitality providers and leisure outlets to get back on their feet after the coronavirus pandemic and it has now become an annual event.

Bradford Business Improvement District’s (BID) business engagement officer, Nikki Chadburn, said: “Two years on – and with the cost-of-living situation putting extra burdens on every business – Shop Local Week is just as important and local retail, leisure and hospitality businesses need us to show them our support to help them survive and thrive.”

To help encourage customers to visit the city centre, the BID – the limited not-for-profit company funded by more than 600 levy-paying businesses and organisations to help promote and develop the city centre – is offering 11 great reasons to shop local in Bradford next week.

“Why 11 reasons and not 10? Because Bradford city centre businesses always give that little bit extra!” said Nikki.

Here’s why you should support Shop Local Week:

  1. It supports the local economy

Shopping locally – and spending money in local shops, cafés, restaurants, bars, pubs and at leisure attractions – keeps the money local and helps give local businesses the resources to stay open and keep developing their offer.

  1. You can benefit from special discounts

Bradford’s BID’s Loyal Free app will feature lots of special offers and discounts from city centre businesses. It’s packed with savings all year round but Shop Local Week means some extra special ones!

  1. You could win a £50 Bradford City Centre gift card

Throughout August, the BID is running a competition for whoever redeems the most offers/loyalty schemes through the Loyal Free app to win a £50 Bradford Gift Card (to be spent only in our participating local businesses).

  1. It helps save jobs

Supporting our high streets creates jobs in local communities. Retail and leisure jobs are often a great staring point for young and disadvantaged people to find employment and helping to grow the number of local jobs makes for a better place for all of us to live and work.

  1. It helps preserve our community’s focal point

All cities, towns and villages revolve around a commercial core, places for people to socialise and enjoy hospitality, leisure and entertainment as well as to shop. Every community needs a big, beating heart.

  1. It generates funds to support local services

Local businesses pay business rates which support local council services such as libraries, roads, parks and rubbish collection. The more businesses, the more revenue to generate those services.

  1. It helps businesses give back to the community

Bradford BID’s 600 business members pay a levy which goes towards the cost of improving the city centre, helping to make it clean, safe, alive and promoted. By the end of its first five-year term next November, the BID’s business members will have spent more than £2.5 million to make the city centre experience better for all.

  1. It helps provide a greater choice

We often under-estimate how many small and local businesses offer a range of products that are unique to them or to the local area, locally sourced or hand-made and giving the city centre its flavour, variety and character.

  1. It’s easy to find your way around

The BID’s Loyal Free app, for instance, hosts an amazing array of shopping and leisure trails which make it simple to find what you’re looking for, from Bars & Pubs to Tech, from Superstores to Miscellaneous Retail, from Food Retailers to Health & Beauty, from Charity Shops to Clothing, from Culture to Toy Shops – the list goes on and on…

  1. It helps the environment

Local shops often source their goods locally, helping to reduce their carbon footprint. When people shop local, they are also more likely to make shorter car journeys, use public transport, walk or cycle to get there – helping reduce air pollution and traffic.

  1. You get a better shopping experience

Bradford has one of the friendliest shopping centres in the country. Shoppers and leisure seekers are always welcome and they’ll always be warmly received. Local businesses are most often staffed by local people and a familiar, friendly face behind the counter makes for a more enjoyable and relaxing experience.

“You don’t have to agree with every reason,” said Nikki, “but, however you look at it, supporting local businesses can only be good for all of us. What better reason is there to support Shop Local Week?”

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