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Sunday, June 26, 2022

Family of Fawziyah Javed to bring Christmas cheer to people in Edinburgh and West Yorkshire in honour of their daughter

Yasmin and Mohammed Javed will honour their daughter’s memory by feeding the homeless and giving toys to children in the hospital next week for Christmas.

The family of a Leeds woman who lost her life falling from a hill in Edinburgh is honouring her memory by bringing Christmas cheer to homeless people and sick children in the Scottish capital next week.

Her parents, Yasmin and Mohammed Javed will feed the homeless in Edinburgh and will donate toys to children in the hospital or hospice in the city next week.

Fawziyah on her graduation day with her mum Yasmin and her dad Mohammed. 

The Leeds couple also plan on making cash donations to a number of charities and organisations on behalf of their generous daughter who was involved in several charities across Bradford and Leeds.

Fawziyah, 31, from Pudsey, died on August 26 following an incident at Arthur’s Seat.

Fawziyah was on a late honeymoon with her husband, Kashif Anwar, 27, who she married in the previous December.

Mr Anwar was arrested shortly after her death and has not entered a plea when he appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on 7 September. He remains in custody and the date for his trial is still unknown.

An only child, Fawziyah was allegedly in the early stages of pregnancy when she passed away.

Fawziyah’s parents had to travel to Edinburgh to identify her on her birthday, on 4 September.

Fawziyah spent much of her time volunteering for charities across West Yorkshire, including Bradford.

Her mum said: “It has been very, very painful. Our whole world has collapsed. It has given us some strength to be able to do this, which is what she enjoyed doing. It is a way of honouring her as well.

“The next week is going to be extremely difficult. Christmas is a time for families to get together and the void she left is like a light that has gone out of our lives forever. It is like our lives don’t have a meaning or a purpose. We are doing the charity work to help ourselves, as well.”

A graduate of Sheffield University, Fawziyah was a successful employment lawyer. “She would always take time out after her work to help people”, her mum said.

“Her friends and family would ring her up for legal advice and she would always take time out of her busy schedule to give them advice.”

A compassionate and caring woman, Fawziyah made time for charity around work and was involved with nearly a dozen charities.  Mrs Javed added: “Over the years she has been involved with eight or nine charities.

A graduate of Sheffield University, Fawziyah was a successful employment lawyer.

“In her honour, we are going to feed the homeless in Edinburgh and give a donation of children’s toys either to a hospital or a hospice, next week. We also hope to feed the homeless in Yorkshire.”

Fawziyah volunteered her time at InTouch Foundation in Bradford before carrying on with the charity in Leeds for two more years.

She was also involved with the youth mentoring charity Mosaic, as well as Penny Appeal, Basic Human Rights, Read Foundation, Muslim Women Network UK (MWNUK), Muslim Youth Helpline. In addition to volunteering her time to West Yorkshire Police and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Fawziyah did so much charity work because it is what she felt compelled to do, ever since she was a small child.

Mrs Javed said: “She was a very compassionate person; she was very caring and cared about what was happening around the world. She was very giving and selfless. She wanted to make a difference, and she obviously did.

“She was very outgoing; she wore her heart on her sleeve and was a humanitarian. Even as a young child she was known to be very caring.

Fawziyah made an impact on people all around the world.

Fawziyah made an impact on everyone around her. “We’ve had messages from all around the world. She made a mark wherever she went”, Mrs Javed added.

Fawziyah was a practising Muslim and had impeccable manners and would help anyone, irrespective of their race or religion.

A water well is in the process of being constructed in Gambia in Fawziyah’s honour, with more being planned in other countries in the New Year. Mrs Javed also explained that the family plan on sponsoring orphans living abroad soon.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up in her honour to help the vulnerable and needy around the world. To donate, visit here.

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