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Monday, June 27, 2022

Fenham sex predator behind bars following police sting

A Fenham taxi driver has been jailed for 18 months at Newcastle Crown Court for a child sex offence.

Mohammed Miah, of Hadrian Road on Tyneside was caught in a police sting having answered an online advert offering ‘real young girls in Newcastle now’, for sex.

The 61-year-old responded to the advert on Viva Street last January, saying he wanted to have sex with a British girl.

Miah was under the impression he was going to meet a 14-year-old escort called Amber in Newcastle city centre.

He told officers he’d arranged to meet a girl over 18 for a massage but later pleaded guilty to the offence.

The court heard a text message was sent to Miah’s phone around half an hour before the meeting, containing a post code for him to attend. It was also revealed the married man had agreed to pay £100 for sex with a girl called Amber. When he turned up police were waiting to arrest him.

Michael Bunch, prosecuting, said the advert had been placed by police as part of a “sting operation” and was headed ‘Real young girls in Newcastle now’.

Mr Bunch explained Miah was told during the conversation:

“We have our Amber who is 14, she’s available for full sex, are you happy with that?”

Miah agreed that he was happy and confirmed he wanted to make the ‘booking’.

Mr Bunch said: “Later on in the conversation, the defendant again confirmed he understood that the girl he was talking about was only 14.

Judge Edward Bindloss sentenced him to 18 months behind bars with a sexual harm prevention order and sex offender registration requirements for 10-years. In doing so he told Miah: “You arranged to meet a child for sexual intercourse.

“From your perspective the 14-year-old girl was likely to be controlled and or emotionally vulnerable.

“You nevertheless made the arrangement and travelled to meet her, when you were met by police because this was a sting operation.”

Gavin Doig, defending, said there were references from Miah’s wife and daughter saying he was a good husband and dad and added that he was not in good health and is remorseful.

Mr Doig told the court: “He should have had his wife and daughter in mind at the time of the commission of this offence, but they are very much in his mind now and it’s a source of concern to him that a custodial sentence will result not only in punishment for him but difficulty for others.

“Just over a year has passed since the offence and he has had a fear of a custodial sentence hanging over him.”



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