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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Flat would have no windows

A proposed flat in a refused city centre residential conversion would have had no windows or access to natural light.

Bradford Council has refused a planning application to convert the upper floors of a building on Ivegate into four flats.

The proposals, by Khalid Khan, would have seen the two floors above 22-24 Ivegate, currently used as storage space, converted into living space.

A new ground floor entrance to the residential conversion would have been created next to one of the existing shop fronts.

But planning officers raised concerns that the lack of windows in some rooms of the flat would lead to a “poor standard of living” for future residents.

Flat 1, a one bed flat, would have a window in the living room, but no natural light in the bedroom. Flat 2, another one bed flat, would have no windows in any of its rooms. One bed Flat 3 would have a window in its bedroom and en suite, but not in its living room.

The two bed Flat 4 would have had windows in the living room and both bedrooms.

Planning officers said: “Due to the lack of provision of natural light and the cramped proposed layout of the apartments within the two upper levels, the proposal is not deemed suitable for habitation and would create a poor standard of living.”

Officers also said the plans had no detail on what would be done to improve the “unsightly” paintwork on the building.

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