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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Flight Sergeant Aisha Mohammed announced as Lord Mayor of Bradford’s Cadet

Flight Sgt Mohammed joined the RAFAC in 2019 at the age of 17, rising through through the ranks quickly.

The Lord Mayor of Bradford will officially appoint his Lord Mayor’s Cadet tomorrow.

Flight Sergeant Aisha Mohammed, 19, will receive her Lord Mayor’s Cadet badge on Tuesday, 31 August at City Hall, Bradford.

Flight Sgt Mohammed joined the RAFAC in 2019 at the age of 17. Since Joining Flight Sgt Mohammed has risen through the ranks quickly and effectively due to her leadership and problem-solving skills, most importantly her can-do attitude.

Lord Mayor of Bradford Cllr Shabir Hussain said: “I was very impressed with Flight Sgt Mohammed and her dedication to the RAF Air Cadets and everything she has achieved and am sure she will display the very best of Bradford when she carries out her role with pride.”

WO Daniel Rouse, 44F (Bradford) Squadron, Air Cadets, said:  “Flight Sgt Mohammed was promoted to Corporal within 9 months of joining as she consistently taught and developed others at the Squadron.

“She was then promoted to Sgt 12 months later ‘virtually’ due to her commitment and resilience in attending and running virtual parade evenings, despite the setback of COVID-19 on our ability to deliver face to face training.

“Now Flight Sgt Mohammed has returned, she has taken reigns of the Squadron as the most Senior Cadet. This reflects her mature attitude to ensuring everyone who joins our Squadron has the best of what we have to offer and challenges staff positively to keep activities engaging, fun and educational.

“She is an excellent example of a cadet, but also of the ‘Bradford spirit’, to achieve all you can be and not allow things to hold you back from your goals.”

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