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Monday, April 22, 2024

Former Telegraph & Argus building has planning approved for top end restaurant.

The iconic former Telegraph & Argus building, now known as Newsquest Hall Ings, is poised for a stunning revival. Planning permission has been granted for its transformation, promising a beacon of rejuvenation in Bradford’s city centre.

Asian Standard has secured exclusive insights from the new owners, who are keeping their grand vision under wraps until the official unveiling.

Bursting with enthusiasm for their hometown, they shared their commitment to revitalising this dormant landmark. “As proud Bradford residents, we’re driven by a passion to see our city flourish. It’s heartbreaking to see the once-majestic Telegraph & Argus building lying dormant. That’s why we’ve taken on the challenge of breathing new life into it,” they revealed in an interview with Asian Standard.

Their ambitious plans include the creation of a high-end daytime restaurant, set to become a vibrant hub of inclusivity and culinary excellence. With an eye on the future, they aim to have the doors open by the end of 2024, perfectly timed to coincide with the prestigious City of Culture 2025 celebrations.

The focus will be on revamping the iconic glass structure, which has stood as a symbol of Bradford’s heritage for over 40 years. While the extension of the listed Hall Ings site won’t be part of the redevelopment, the promise of renewed activity within those historic walls is palpable.

For those who recall the days of passing by Hall Ings and witnessing the rhythmic hum of the print press behind towering glass windows, the prospect of a bustling interior once again ignites nostalgia and excitement. Get ready, Bradford—change is on the horizon, and it’s nothing short of spectacular!

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