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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

GCSE results out, look how schools in Bradford have performed this year.

Amidst an air of anticipation, today marks a significant juncture for Bradford’s aspiring students as the outcomes of the GCSE examinations, held earlier this year, were disclosed. The mood today was a mix of excitement, anxiety, and a sense of relief, across the city of culture. Asian Standard takes a closer look at the collective achievements and the individual stories that have unfolded as a new chapter begins for these students.

Students of Dixons Allerton Academy reflected the mood of the city, many of the students were happy and content with the results, while there were a handful few who weren’t so satisfied.

A student at Dixon Allertons proudly showcases his result

“I am quite happy with the results,” said a student who had just opened his envelope.

“I got it the way I wanted; I was expecting these results, so I am happy.”

When asked about his future plans particularly towards the A levels, he said, “I want to go ahead and enter University, post my A levels in Chemistry.”

Bilal, another student at Dixons, was just opening up his envelope when Asian Standard spoke to him.

“Oh wow!” he exclaimed.

“I’ve got all 8s and 9s, so I am really happy with the results.” Bilal told Asian Standard

On his future plans, Bilal said: “I want to go to college and further on to University, but I’m yet to decide what my A level subjects would be,”

Abiha with her results

Abiha, also a student at GCSE who just got her results said: “I’m quite excited and shocked at the same time. I didn’t know I would do this well. I will now go to college for biology and chemistry for my A levels.”

Speaking of her dreams, Abiha said: “I want to do something in the medical field, so either I would want to become a dermatologist or may be even pursue Radiology.”

More students from Dixons Allerton show off their results

Mr Daniel Carr, Principal at Dixons Allerton Academy said: “We’ve seen a slight downturn in overall results this time around, but what we are more concerned is about the students, to make sure that they get to their next level of education, that’s the most important factor.”

As a message to those students who might not be as happy with the results, he said: “I would say that in the path of life there are many obstacles and many difficulties. I didn’t do particularly well when I sat my GCSEs, what I had was the support and guidance of my teachers. So, what I say to students is to speak to colleges, go back into the schools, speak to your teachers, listen to them, they’ll help you.

“There’s always resits, there’s always another chance. Overall, a lot of our students have got the results that they needed to get to the next stage anyways, but for those who haven’t, I would say, go into school, speak to teachers, and get their advice.”

Students at Dixons Allerton seeking advice from Principal advisor Nazim Ali

Nazim Ali, principal career advisor, who was advising Dixons students said: “Most of the students are just seeking options, sometimes students don’t get the grades they want. So, I am telling them it’s not the end of the world, you have various options, if not college, you can get a work experience opportunity.”

At Belle Vue Girl’s academy, students have also come out with impressive results. Top achievers at the school, included, Qanita Inayat and Maryam Shah

Qanita achieved eight GCSEs at grade 7 to 9, including three grade 9s, three grade 8s, and a Distinction in Physical Education. She is also a great sportswoman and managed to balance representing Yorkshire in cricket during Year 10 along with her studies.

Belle Vue Girl’s academy student Maryam Shah shows her result
Image: Belle Vue Girl’s academy

While Maryam Shah excelled with nine GCSEs at grade 7 to 9, including four grade 9s. Alongside this she wrote and published her first book this academic year.

Debbie Anness, Headteacher at Belle Vue Girls’ Academy, said: “We could not be any prouder of the achievements of this year’s GCSE cohort. Our students have achieved an excellent set of results that demonstrate their commitment and determination; they truly deserve their success. As is the case nationally, our students have faced significant challenges during their secondary education, but they have come through it and can be incredibly proud of themselves and what they have achieved. We are now looking forward to seeing our students progress with confidence to the next exciting stage in their education.”

Bradford Forster Academy too celebrated its success with their students.

27% of the students studying BTEC sports at Forster got the highest possible grade.

Out of the names that stood out in the school, was Fatima B. who successfully achieved 10 GCSEs with nine of them at grades 9 and 8, including Grade 9s in science and 8s in English and Maths.’

Cath Proud, Principal at Bradford Forster Academy, said: “The journey through secondary education to reach today has been a disrupted and challenging one for this cohort, but our staff and students have worked incredibly hard to counteract that and we are so proud of all they have achieved.

“The future is bright for our students who have committed to their studies and achieved success, and we are looking forward to seeing them progress in a wide range of future career paths.”

As per Government data published today, Overall GCSE results are similar to 2019. Outcomes at grade 7 and above are 21.6% compared with 20.6% in 2019, and outcomes at grade 4 and above are 67.8% compared with 67.0% in 2019.

When it comes to the overall performance in Yorkshire and Humber, the data reveals that, in 2023, 18.2% students achieved Grade 7 and above compared to 17.8% in 2019.

Tracy Brabin, Mayor of West Yorkshire, congratulated the students saying: “Congratulations to those who’ve received their GCSE results today! Whether you’re going on to college, an apprenticeship, or entering the world of work – welcome to an exciting new chapter.”

Councillor Imran Khan, Bradford Council’s portfolio holder for education, employment, and skills, said: “Congratulations to everyone collecting their results today, you should feel extremely proud of what you have achieved.

“If you are not sure what you’d like to do next, please get in touch with our careers advisers at SkillsHouse who can provide advice and guidance about further education, training, and employment. The team can help you explore your options and can support you to choose the path that’s right for you.

“Whatever path you decide to do next; I wish you the absolute best for your future.

“It is also important on results day to acknowledge all the school staff who have supported our young people through their education. Thank you for your hard work to ensure your pupils achieve the best they can.”

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