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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

History made in Dubai as Pakistan breaks 29 years losing streak after thrashing India in T20 World Cup

Whether you’re a football fan or cricket fan, Sunday 24 October was a big day for sports fans worldwide. Not only did Pakistan play India but Liverpool defeated their rivals Manchester United in a one-sided game of 5-0. Additionally, the rival games continued into Spain as Real Madrid took on their rivals Barcelona. Unfortunate for Barcelona, Real Madrid beat them in their game which ended in 2-0.

What sport was bigger? The football yesterday or the cricket? That’s up to you to decide but personally I think the cricket took the spotlight yesterday as Pakistan finally beat their rivals India in a World Cup.

Pakistan has been on the mission of trying to beat India but failed every single time the two teams have collided in a World Cup series. The greatest rivals squared off yesterday and Pakistan came much more prepared than usual. The last time Pakistan beat India was in 2017 in a non-world cup match which resulted in Pakistan winning the champions trophy.

It was such a big win for players and fans across the world as moments later after the game Great Horton Road in Bradford was jam-packed with fans parading the roads chanting Pakistan’s national anthem. The celebrations continued into Birmingham and Manchester as fans took to the streets their passion for their favourite teams who had just won.

Pakistan cricket team captain Babar Azam pictured after win against India

Not only were fans celebrating worldwide but captain Babar Azam’s father was reduced to tears as seen on TV in the stands.

Atif Nawaz, the British Pakistani actor expressed his thoughts on the game by saying, “It was such a remarkable result because nobody expected it to happen in the fashion, to happen so spectacularly”.

Millions of other fans felt the same as Twitter was flooded with fans explaining how shocked but over-the-moon they were to see Pakistan win.

Pakistan won the toss in the beginning and chose to ball first. Within minutes of India scoring their first run a wicket was taken.

Fall of the first wicket as India lose first wicket in opening over

The slow starting India needed to get their act together as in the second over another wicket was taken. The pressure reached boiling point as after only scoring 31 runs another wicket was taken.

Slowly India started to bring themselves together, but Pakistan was too much for the 29-year winning streak team. India finished their batting with 151-7, which meant Pakistan needed 152 to win and break India’s winning streak.

This was India’s only option to have a strong balling team to beat Pakistan but India couldn’t break the partnership of Rizwan and Barber. The game ended with Pakistan winning with 152 runs without a single wicket.

The hopeful Pakistan fans are eager to see their team win the World Cup after securing such an empathic win against India but Pakistan has a tough game ahead of them against New Zealand tomorrow.


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