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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Huddersfield man dies of multiple organ failure from paracetamol overdose

The inquest found that the underlying cause of death came from a paracetamol overdose that brought about sepsis and pneumonia

An inquest from Bradford’s Coroner’s Court into the death of a man at the Royal Calderdale Hospital in Halifax found that a 61-year-old died of multiple organ failure that was brought on from a paracetamol overdose that led to pneumonia and sepsis. Mr Ajmal Ghani who was often suicidal was known to the police and had interacted with them less than a month before he died.

Mr Ghani was born in 1959 in Mombasa, Kenya before moving to England to start a life with his family. He has three sisters and one brother.

Assistant Coroner for West Yorkshire Crispin Oliver said at the hearing that he is “sorry this has happened” and mentioned that the family has suffered another bereavement and offered the option to postpone the hearing, which the family declined.

Mr Ghani was pronounced dead on 28 August 2020 at the Royal Calderdale Hospital after being admitted on 18 August, a 10-day admission.  The inquest into his death found that Mr Ghani died of multiple organ failure due to pneumonia and sepsis that was brought on from a paracetamol overdose which was the underlying cause of death.

Mr Ghani was a type two diabetic and suffered from chronic alcohol abuse, depression and had a tremor.

It is said that Mr Ghani was dependent on alcohol and was often angry and suicidal. He took anti-depressants and would also use alcohol as self-medication to help with the shaking.

Mr Ghani was known to local services often phoning the police. on 30 July 2020, Mr Ghani phoned the police asking for help but refused to provide a phone number and address. The police tracked him down using the phone he called on.

On another occasion after drinking a litre of vodka, Mr Ghani threatened to commit suicide by jumping as he believed his neighbours were harassing and mocking him, something that was ongoing for over ten years. He was passed on to the local ambulance team, but no other referrals were made as he convinced them that he was just intoxicated and did not need an ambulance.

His behaviour was also erratic at times. He was caught coughing in people’s faces in Dewsbury town centre and making sexual advances to women a few months before he died.

If you are feeling low or anxious you can phone the West Yorkshire 24 hour support hotline on 0800 183 0558 or you can phone the National Suicide Helpline UK that offers a supportive listening service to anyone in the UK with thoughts of suicide or thoughts of self-harm. They are open 24/7 on 800 689 5652.  

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