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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Independent candidate challenges main political parties for role of Police and Crime Commissioner

The role of Police and Crime Commissioner is vital – it acts as a bridge between the public and law enforcement, advocating for better services and accountability.

Responsible for shaping the policing and strategies within a region, it is an important to communities, and can impact on the safety and security of the public.

Mustaque Rahman is running for election as for the role of Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner. Running as an independent candidate, he will be taking on the established political parties for the job.

As a former Crown Prosecution Lawyer, Mr Rahman is determined to bring his extensive experience in the legal profession to the role. He has previously prosecuted cases such as complex frauds, extradition, violent assaults including murder, thefts, and burglaries.

He comments: “People are sick of political parties treating these roles as gifts for their insiders.”

“It’s about time we took party politics out of this and had a police and crime commissioner with some experience of criminal justice, who just wants to get the job done.”

Mr Rahman is committed to bringing better policing to the region, which has high rates of a range of criminal issues, including antisocial behaviour, burglaries and shoplifting.

Mr Rahman outlines the extent of unchecked criminality in the region: “Shoplifting gangs know that if they steal less than £200 in a shop, the police won’t attend.  It’s destroying our independent businesses and strangling our high streets.

“If you’ve been burgled in Monkseaton, Stocksfield or Boldon, there is a 0% chance that the police have caught anyone.  Anti-social behaviour is rife, and people have stopped reporting it because nothing is done.”

He feels that this is largely due to mismanagement by the current administration and apathy from the main political parties: “After five years in charge, our police and crime commissioner admit it is not good enough, but where is the political leadership to fix it?  Out of 43 police forces in England and Wales, Northumbria police came 40th on catching shoplifters.  You can’t pin that on Government cuts.

“We see no action from the Conservative Government either, just culture wars about Rwanda instead of fixing problems in the Northeast. Two of the last three Prime Ministers have been convicted of breaking their own Covid rules.  They haven’t even dealt with billions in fraud that could be used to fund our police and courts.”

Mr Rahman’s campaign has also gained strong support from Habib Rahman, who holds the distinction of being Newcastle’s first and former Muslim Lord Mayor, and is now an independent councillor.

He states: “Mustaque Rahman stands out as the quintessential candidate for the position of Police Crime Commissioner.

His extensive background as a Crown Prosecution Lawyer, dealing with a spectrum of cases from complex fraud and extradition to severe assaults including murder, alongside thefts and burglaries, showcases his deep comprehension of the criminal justice landscape.

Additionally, his advisory role to magistrates in the northeast has further refined his legal acumen.”

He puts forward the extensive experience of involvement in fighting crime and the legal system, and sees his status as an independent candidate as crucial: “His independence from party politics ensures a focus on community needs above all.”

Also running for the upcoming election to be Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, scheduled for 2 May, 2024, are:

-John Christopher Appleyby, the Liberal Democrats

-Susan Dungworth, Labour and Co – operative Party

-Ros Munro, Conservative and Unionist Party

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